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March 28, 2018

Design for Predictable Outcomes...

Despite our best efforts as Salesforce Architects, Salesforce architectures always tend to become more complex over time. As the complexity of the ecosystem increases, parts of the applications become more inflexible to change over time. In general, the changes in Salesforce are driven by both Business requirements or scoped requirements based on a pre-defined road map, which makes it difficult to strategically plan for the future and keep a check on the complexity.


If we have to draw a parallel in the biological world, in early 1980s, a group of Indian agricultural scientists genetically engineered a plant - a variant of "Prosopis juliflora" ..a thorny bush which was resistant to many diseases, could grow in dry soil and would not be eaten by cattle. This was a perfect plant to use as a fence around your precious rice fields and protect them from cattle and other pests. But the end result of deploying these natural fences was a thorny monstrous invader bush which took all the nutrients from the soil meant for the rice plants and turned healthy soil into unusable waste land...Unpredictable outcome very much like our IT landscape, new solutions can be introduced, but they can turn into administrative nightmare to keep these solutions running in the ever changing environment...


Moral of the Story : Introducing changes to a highly dynamic ecosystem can result in unpredictable outcomes...


Large scale enterprises can no longer afford unpredictable, lengthy and inefficient delivery process that does not support faster delivery cycles. Driven by market and customer pressures some of the industry leaders have started looking at alternate solutions to scale, accelerate and control the delivery outcomes.


There is a need for efficient and thoughtfully integrated applications to redefine the delivery pipeline through superior design, better delivery quality, and faster time to market. Achieving this goal is possible only through a smarter delivery pipeline which focuses on predictable outcomes, smarter development, and automation. Our vision is to holistically align culture, technology and best of delivery practices for effectively predicting cost, schedule and quality risks.


In today's massively connected world, we would need to redefine the intelligent delivery process where the need to is to deliver faster with lower risk. There is a need to build a Smart Development Platform to avoid the pitfalls of working in silos causing project delays, low quality or budget overrun. There are three design principles which we have followed to build our smart development platform


  • Augment user experience - Any persona - a developer, business analyst, tester, Project Manager or a CIO, there should be a able to naturally interact and engage with the smart development platform - ask a question, draw with a flick of a pen, smile or touch. Seamlessly move experience across devices


  • Re-invent Productivity - Evolve beyond individual productivity tools and design a smart fabric for computing based on trust, collaboration, gamification and artificial intelligence. Our customers should be able to scale up or down based on a virtualized automation pipeline and support hybrid computing


  • Intelligence as a force multipler - Predictive and analytical capability to check cost, quality and schedule. This would need scanning and assimilating vast quantities of code, operational and transactional data to drive risk assessment insights


Using these simplified design principles, Infosys has embarked on a journey to predict risk, improve enterprise agility and automate the activities involved in delivery through Infosys AgilePro - a smart development platform on Salesforce. 

Write to us on AgilePro@infosys.com for more details on this Smart Development Platform...

November 29, 2017

Achieving predictable outcomes - Dream Launch of AgilePro

Over the last 10 years, we have seen Salesforce implementations getting evolved from a simple standalone Sales / Service application to a complete ecosystem which includes Sales, Service, CPQ, Ecommerce and other edge applications. The landscape today has a large number of integration with complex data transactions. Many of our enterprise level customers are facing one or more of the following challenges?


  1. How can we foresee risk across Cost, Schedule and most importantly Quality?
  2. Can we drive simplification of ecosystem, standardization and Industrialization of the delivery process?
  3. Is there a single platform which we provide coherent automation?


At Infosys Salesforce Practice, we feel there is a Need for Governance @ Source which can enable our customers to achieve predictable outcomes to effectively address these challenges.


Infosys AgilePro is one unified platform on Salesforce which provides Governance @Source by focusing on the following areas:


  1. Teams - Gamified guided development and knowledge management through an AI based Chatbot (Probuddy) for enhanced delivery output
  2. Release Agility - Smart Release Planning and defect management for enhanced productivity and predictable delivery outcomes
  3. Automated Delivery - Best of Breed Tools virtualized and provided as a E2E Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment Pipeline
  4. Quality - Comprehensive Delivery Output Assessment through Best Practices Enforcer
  5. Environment - TCO and ROI analysis of the Salesforce ecosystem
  6. Application Care - Org Health Analysis, Impact Analysis and one-click Customization through AppCare+



We have launched Infosys AgilePro in Salesforce's annual Tech Gala - Dreamforce 2017.


Feel free to write to us at AgilePro@Infosys.com for more details on this Enterprise Agility Platform.

More on AgilePro:


What is AgilePro?

Why does the world need AgilePro?

Functional Capabilities & Data Sheet

October 25, 2016

Dream Launch of Infosys CarePlus

Most of us know atleast one friend or relative who is battling a chronic illness like Diabetes, Heart Condition, Depression, Obesity, Cancer...And atleast once we would thought (or wished)  if there was a simpler way to detect a chronic illness and control it before it becomes a life threatening condition...Haven't we?


This one thought made us focus on a problem statement...


"How can we detect early and prevent a chronic illness?"

At Infosys Salesforce Practice, to solve this problem we combined our learnings from the best CRM designs and our domain knowledge in the Care Management Space to build Infosys CarePlus TM  - a Next Gen Integrated Care Management Platform as-a-service on Salesforce. It enables payers to connect better with patient by providing a 360-degree view of the patient through personal and health-tracking tools and monitoring devices. Through the platform, payers can connect with their patients and care providers for a value-based model - a strategic shift from the existing episodic care.


CarePlus Title picture.png

We have built CarePlus on three key design principles and provided as a managed package on the Salesforce ecosystem:

  1. Intent driven Ux - CarePlus is built on an adaptive intent driven design which works on the principle of combining the emotional and logical responses of a user for an effective user experience. CarePlus leverages Salesforce lightning design based UI and available on iOS and Android platforms.
  2. Digital Layer of Engagement - CarePlus is provided as digital layer of engagement where the 360 degree view of the Patient profile is built from patient record data like Electronic Health Records, patient's Claim records, Pharma records, Lab records. The patient information is further enriched with real time data such as the patient heart rate, blood pressure, activity and mRNA analysis from medical devices and health tracking devices.
  3. Predictive AI - What can we do with all the data on the patient? CarePlus inbuilt AI engine effectively self learns and identifies trends on the patient's data and provide proactive interventions which enables us to detect the illness early and take preventive action to ensure the patient's health is not threatened by the chronic illness


We have launched Infosys CarePlus TM in Salesforce's annual Tech Gala - Dreamforce 2016.

DreamForce Launch Collage.jpg

Appreciate your review and feedback on our Solution - Infosys CarePlus TM.

Short Video on CarePlus (3 min)

Functional Capabilities of the Solution

What is CarePlus?

October 17, 2013

Salesforce.com: Achieve New Levels of Performance through Performance Edition

Over the past five years, there has been a paradigm shift observed in the way companies approach and connect to their customers, employees, products and other stakeholders. As we dwell more into it, we can observe a massive adoption and usage of collaboration through mobile devices, social networks and cloud computing, across the industries and throughout the globe. This adoption has changed the rules of game that have imbibed change in customers' expectations and the ways to cater these expectations. Customers are demanding real time, mobile and transformational ways to achieve holistic success in both sales and service domain.

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August 5, 2013

Marketo: Rising from the ashes?

Last week, the marketing automation software provider, Marketo announced its first quarterly results after going public, which exceeded consensus estimates.   The market cheered the news by sending the stock, over 20% north.   It was a sharp contrast to the market sentiment exhibited about a couple of months back, when Salesforce.com's announcement of acquisition of Marketo's bigger competitor ExactTarget, when the buzz in the market was other way around.

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July 29, 2013

Salesforce.com and Oracle's strategic partnership: Marriage of Convenience or Choice?

The announcement of the partnership between Salesforce.com and Oracle last month has taken the cloud world into surprise.  Historically, both the organizations have not got along well both in terms of product offerings and leadership personality.  This deal, expected to run for nine years, will enable Salesforce leverage Oracle offerings on all tiers, Applications like Oracle Fusion HCM/financial cloud, Platform like Java middleware, Infrastructure like Exadata.  Oracle in turn will plan on integrating salesforce.com with its Fusion HCM and Financial cloud.

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July 12, 2013

Salesforce acquiring ExactTarget: Is it really on Target?

Salesforce recently announced its agreement to acquire ExactTarget for a whopping $2.5 billion, making it, the largest deal ever done by Salesforce. This news came as a surprise to many as the expectation was that Salesforce would go for acquiring Marketo or Neolane (Adobe going to acquire Neolane) (1). There were several obvious reasons behind it: 80% of Marketo users are also Salesforce users (2) , Marketo is categorized as Leader in Gartner's quadrant for CRM Lead management and has better financial performance compared to ExactTarget. When Oracle acquired Eloqua in February, 2013, a leading marketing automation solution company, several companies operating in same area e.g. Marketo, ExactTarget, Neolane had become hot target. In my view, not getting acquired by Salesforce would cause several challenges for Marketo in coming days as Salesforce would try to push its own marketing automation solution to customers now.

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June 11, 2013

Company Community: Arrival of Intranet Killer?

Have you ever tried to search, using company's intranet, about company's travel allowance policy or connect someone in company who understands a technology better than you and not in your direct network? How interactive and user centric you find your company's intranet? What if you need this information while you are on move? Chances are good that you would be required to search through multiple links, files and directories before hitting at required information. While traveling, even this search may not be feasible at all. As collaboration and mobility are gaining momentum, is this the time to take a look at your legacy intranet system?

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March 11, 2013

Salesforce.com Looping in E-commerce

Our team recently implemented a Product catalog tool built on force.com for one of our manufacturing customers. This tool assisted our client's website visitors in searching for appropriate products which match their requirements. However, what surprised me was the missing linkage between the catalog and the purchase process. How nice it would have been, if customers were given an option to make their purchasing decisions right there on the catalog page rather than contacting the call center or filling up a "Contact Us" form to show their interest. That would make perfect business sense more so because this Client is using Salesforce.com extensively for both their sales and service processes automation.

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January 30, 2013

Green CRM: The Way to Grow

Retail organisations have realised that a big part of challenge is to change how they contact customers. Emerging trends in CRM are not only about consistent experience for customers across user touch points like web, social, mobile, search, affiliates etc. but also minimising environmental impact of technology related equipment like phasing out servers.   Green CRM may be termed as using new CRM technologies which enhance customer experience and at the same time lower energy consumption by using new channels, centralising technical components and optimal use of servers in lesser number of locations.


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November 27, 2012

Dreamforce 2012 - Ideas Unlimited

Industry's largest vendor lead technology conference kicked off with 1 message, 2 brand new products and a never ending list of ideas

Message: Business is Social

Social Revolution.jpg

Mark kicked off the event by presenting several statistics about how social revolution is impacting today's businesses and how salesforce.com through its innovative products is built to take advantage of this revolution
Social Revolution as we have seen in the past is a result of interactions that was enabled among st interested parties around common interest areas, The question that is being persistently asked is how can organizations embrace this culture of social interactions and benefit from the same.

Salesforce.com's response to this is to have an environment where we have Connected Partners, Connected Customers , Connected  Employees & Connected  Products. 

Connect with Customers.jpgThe series of presentations that followed demonstrated the means and approaches organizations can adopt using the products from Salesforce.com to embrace this social revolution within their organizations

I. Marketing Cloud- Salesforce.com's newly introduced marketing application,

Allows users to
 Manage Brand presence across Social channels (YouTube, Twitter, Websites, FB, Smart Phones etc.,)
 Measure Activity & Engagement
 Optimize and Target Social Advertising,

II.Work.com: Salesforce.com's social performance management solution,

Work.com helps organizations to align, motivate and drive great performance amongst their employees
Note: What used to be Rypple.com  6 months back is being rechristened as Work.com

III. Salesforce.com Platform

Along with Force.com, Chatter is increasingly being used as the go to platform for customers of Salesforce.com
A couple of Salesforce.com's customers displayed how they have weaved together the functionality of Chatter and their custom applications built on the Chatter platform resulting in a completely customized application,This new application is being used by employees,partners & customers in which all of their information is seamlessly integrated.


IV. Sales Cloud Innovations:
Salesforce Touch : Ability to run salesforce.com on Tablets & Smart phones for the users on the go,
Connected Partners: Ability to create Chatter communities for Partners
Social Key: Data.com can be used to import identities of your customers and their social profiles into the CRM application using these social keys,

V. Service Cloud Innovations
Federated search functionality - Sunlight Search : Allows users to search legacy files systems, repositories, archived files in Knowledge basis, Share-point all of this without leaving salesforce.com,
Desk.com: Service cloud for small businesses within built in capability to escalate cases to parent organizations for faster resolution
Customer Self service: Chatter Communities for service where customers will be able to collaborate, ask questions amongst themselves, discuss  workarounds, etc., Employees too get involved if needed, Questions asked in these forums gets responded by the power of  crowd sourcing.

The event came to close with an interesting key notes from Richard Branson (CEO, Virgin Group) on his "Journey with Virgin", Jeff Immelt (CEO, GE) & General Colin Powell on "Leadership" ,Dr.Larry Brilliant on "End of Pandemics" & Dr.Dean Ornish on "The Power of Lifestyle Changes & Love"

Content & Images: Courtesy Salesforce.com


July 2, 2012

Future of Business & Commerce in next decade: Part 1

Origin of business and commerce dates back to circa 150,000 years back(1) when prehistoric people started using trading to get things they needed. As it is assumed that it must have started by offering whatever one person has in exchange for some other thing which he wants. It established three basic elements of business; Buyer, Seller and Transaction. With progress in civilization, Business & commerce has evolved a lot and would continue to change in future too.  However, I believe, fundamentals of business has always been remain same and in coming future too, they would remain valid i.e. customer on realizing need for some product (buyers) would approach sellers of the product (organization) and make payment to get the product (transaction).  What is going to change in future is the way customer's need is recognized by customer herself and by organizations, the way alternatives are searched and information is processed by customers and organizations, and the way purchasing decisions are made by customers.

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February 3, 2012

Desk.Com- Service Cloud for SMBs

On Jan 31st Salesforce unveiled its customer service application for small & medium business enterprises.
It is called Desk.com & is based on Salesforce's acquisition of Assistly.
Desk.com is a cloud based offering for SMBs to support their customers.

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January 18, 2012

Forced or Not? You know the price

With Legacy applications, deciding about expected returns on IT investment has always been a tough task due to numerous cost components involved (Software installations, hardware investments e.g. servers, storage devices, maintenance, training etc.), longer deployment period spread across several financial quarters and nature of benefits achieved. By nature of benefits, I mean, that IT investment not only gives a measureable financial benefits but a majority of benefits are non-financial but crucial too.  Also, the legacy packages come with lot of tools/features which are rarely used by organizations. Does cloud computing add a new insight for decision making?


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January 13, 2012

Salesforce.com - Expanding footprint of Social Strategy

Come 2012 and Salesforce.com (SFDC) will add another lethal ammunition to its stable, taking the cloud wars to the next level. On December 15, 2011, Rypple, an innocuous start-up into cloud based human capital management (HCM), signed agreement to be acquired by SFDC. It will be re-christened as SFDC Successforce (http://www.salesforce.com/company/news-press/press-releases/2011/12/111215.jsp). This plugs a significant gap in SFDC offering portfolio, and will have significant (upside) impact for go-to market strategy for its enterprise social offerings. While Radian6's acquisition was aimed at improving the social strategy for SFDC client's customer, Rypple's focus will be on employees of SFDC clients.

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January 5, 2012

Cloud Computing: Will it thunder or rain?

Higher productivity, better resource utilization and innovative solutions are some of the critical factors for sustainability of any organization. In today's highly competitive environment, organizations need to be more agile, flexible and able to respond to changing customer preferences quickly. IT, as an enabler of doing business efficiently, has always provided a bucket of solutions to organizations to achieve their business goals. Customized applications, SAP, Oracle, Siebel packages etc. are some of the preferred solutions for the organizations. Although these IT solutions provide desired results to organizations but their implementation and maintenance are huge upfront costs for any organization. In global economic uncertainty and tightening market, organizations need to evaluate other options which are secure, reliable and cheaper. It makes a case for cloud computing based IT solutions. Cloud computing has become buzzword in today's business world globally and organizations are certainly cannot ignore it without evaluation.

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Enterprise networking using Salesforce Chatter

In today's complex networked organizations, integration of different business functions has become more important than ever. Consider the case of a manufacturing unit - the procurement team requires inputs from inventory management before placing orders for raw materials; the manufacturing division has to negotiate with resource management for optimizing human and capital resources; and the sales team has to constantly keep the finance department in the loop about customer pricing. Up-to-date information has to be shared across the organization for centralized decision making. The need of the hour is a platform that helps business information to be shared in real time. Enter Chatter, the enterprise networking application from Salesforce.com.

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