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"Mass scale enablement of our talent pool and investing on IP creation - Strategy for Big Data going forward" Rajeev Nayar

Posted by Nikhilesh Murthy (View Profile | View All Posts) | September 17, 2013 11:01 AM

Rajeev Nayar, Associate Vice President and Head, Big Data Practice at Infosys was featured in an article "The Big Data opportunity for Indian IT service providers "on Information Week that featured on 27th August, 2013.  

Commenting on Infosys' big data strategy, Rajeev said "In Infosys, we started the Big Data journey back in early 2010 when the term Big Data was not even coined. We worked with some global companies in the industry to create their strategy around Big Data technologies to transform their IT and business at much lower cost at that point of time. At the same time, we also spotted the need and opportunity to create our own IP around the gaps in the Big Data technology space, which eventually we launched as our solution 'BigDataEdge' in February 2013. To keep up the momentum, our strategy going forward is to tap the Big Data Space in two ways -- mass scale enablement of our talent pool in Big Data and related technologies and churning out more IP"

Click here to read the complete article, courtesy Information Week

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