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How to make a 'Data Lake'

Posted by Ketan Puri (View Profile | View All Posts) | April 11, 2016 2:30 PM

Data Lake has become a buzz word these days and we see enterprises actively investing to have their own Data Lake.

As part of Digital Agenda for most of the enterprises, Data Lake is one of the most prominent focus areas. Investments are happening in terms of Data Acquisition, Storage (Cloud or On-Prem) and Analytics. The success rate for most of the enterprises is dismal. The reason is not the capability or technology, instead the right direction and focus on the Value.

The hype to have all the data at one place and think of its usage later has created more Data Swamps than a valuable Data Lake.

My article in the Digital Energy Journal (Issue 60- AprMay2016) is a first step to give some structure to the concept of the Data Lake.

Below is the image taken from the article with the permission from the Editor.



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