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March 25, 2020

COVID-19: How 'Live Enterprise' can help Organizations cope better

WHO declared COVID-19 to be characterized as a pandemic, impacting the whole world. In the modern era while technology advancements and innovations have been the norm, they proved insufficient to address implications of humungous proportions such as COVID-19. These events are changing the course of history and there is more to come in the days ahead with far reaching implications across all walks of life and livelihood.

We live today in a connected world with smart phones, sensors, trackers, Bluetooth, etc generating a large volume of data. AI and data analytics help mine this data and accelerates an enterprises ability to derive contextual and actionable insights from the data to connect with its employees, customers and suppliers. AI has been a buzz word over the last few years and there has been a lot of debate about robots taking over our jobs. However, the same AI seems to be only partly helpful now in the COVID-19 situation with Amazon announcing that they will be hiring 10,000+ workers to fulfill their demands.

Enterprises need drastic responses while battling catastrophic pandemics such as COVID-19 and they need to look beyond proven strategies that have been established in every industry from Airlines to Retail to Banking to Insurance to Manufacturing. The core need is for enterprises' learning to be adaptive and scalable where data can intelligently, autonomously and proactively trigger action - this is best served when the 'Enterprise is Live' and complements humans.

Majority of the enterprises have undertaken modernization initiatives, but do they have their investments in right areas and appropriate capabilities to respond to such situations? Some core capabilities are needed to respond optimally:

    • Does the enterprise have capability to sense, respond, adapt and continuously learn like a human?
    • Does the enterprise have capability to shift from 'brick and motor' to 'digital enabled platforms' with minimal disruption?
    • Does the enterprise have capability to build new data products by collaborating with partners within and across industries?
    • Does the enterprise have capability where "humans" and "things" form a cohesive and high impact ecosystem?
    • Does the enterprise have capability to intelligently learn what and how decisions were made?

Enterprises have enormous stockpiles of data, but it requires a new mindset and approach of thinking about interactions, ecosystems, sentience (sense, respond, evolve), platform and micro services to connect the silo-ed assets. Sentient enterprises can continuously 'Navigate their Next' by building:

    • Perceptive experience: The ability to anticipate implicit business needs during such pandemic situations. Think of a possibility where enterprises are able to look at historical data, customer profiles, life events, current financial situation and alternate data to identify clients and proactively offer relief e.g. incremental insurance payments options, loan restructuring, interest free monthly mortgage payments for limited period, minimal fee tele-doc services for health services, etc.
    • Intuitive decision making: The ability to sense, respond and automate routine decisions e.g. automated notification of claims processing through picture-based claim estimation using ML, voucher issuance for booking cancellations, intelligent routing to digital workers for quick decisions, etc.
    • Responsive value chain: The ability to reimagine and bring zero latency in key business processes e.g. providing touchless claims, augmenting doctors, nurses and health works with real time insights and information of customers, digital notification around symptoms of pandemic to avoid overloading of customer calls, automated ordering of stock based on demand and leverage the optimal supply chain considering various factors, etc.
Essence of 'Live Enterprise' (LE) is to enable Enterprises with these capabilities so that they can better cope with such pandemic situations in future by becoming nimbler and more instinctive. LE can help organizations seamlessly and in an automated manner adjust to the such situation by adopting a data driven approach.

First step on the ladder being Data and AI, enterprises must be transformed and connected to create an insights-led enterprise. Enterprises have to move from "Disparate systems" in Horizon 1 to "Connected systems" in Horizon 3 leveraging evolutionary and platform driven approach.


To become a Live Enterprise, organizations must build a data and digital ecosystem comprising of below capabilities

    • Digital Brain: Data + Algorithms + Learning to drive intuitive decisions e.g. AI based Claims Adjustor persona, Digital worker for wealth investment, Tele-medical advisor
    • Digital ecosystem: New ways of working digitalizing the workforce to provide support
    • Phygital collaboration: Hyper contextual physical & digital data about an event, such as a patient and geo locations, accident and vehicle
    • Sentient UX: Capability to anticipate and surface the most needed feature based on customer need at the time through computational design
    • Real time: Capability to gather phygital data at the time of the event
    • Accessibility services: Ability to sense and decide on the edge devices
    • Data Services: Foundational capability to record data to and access data from core systems
    • Knowledge Graph: A Graph database, mapping the many-to-many relationships between core entities and other entities
    • AI (R)evolution: Assimilate AI services into core enterprise systems to continuously learn and build new business models leveraging flexible data products.

Infosys "Live Enterprise" enables humans to collaborate with things, other humans and enterprises in these challenging times to 'Navigate their Next'. LE can help organizations seamlessly and in an automated manner adjust to crisis like COVID leveraging Data and AI.

Below are some indicative use cases leveraging Live Enterprise to empathize, deliver support and enhance customer service during these difficult times:   

    • Digital Supply Chain - During situations like COVID-19 when it is difficult for enterprises to manage supply chain and workforce due to various situations, enable business to 'direct source' from localized branches or small businesses without leveraging regular supply chain or staffing solutions. Live Enterprises enables organizations to engage/manage their own affiliated or bring your own kind of solutions. LE components of Digital ecosystem, phygital collaboration and Digital brain enables enterprises to accelerate and manage Digital sourcing for supply chain and workforce.
    • Alternate Financial Options - Economy takes a hit during such crisis and organizations need to balance between welfare of employees, customers, suppliers and cash flow. Providing alternate options to everyone is critical and LE enables organizations to create prescriptive experiences. Microservices driven capabilities, Enterprise knowledge graphs and AI capabilities enables enterprises to proactively manage incremental payments (mortgage, credit cards, loans, insurance, etc) options with no interest, create crowd sourced funding and distribution for people who are out-of-work and need additional support.
    • Digital Connect - It is critical to give face-time to customers and doctors and teachers have already moved to digital platforms via tele-doc, virtual learnings, etc due to social distancing norms. Enterprises need to build similar capabilities to connect with bankers, agents, retail fashion designers and advisors. This will help create an in-person feeling and build trust and assurance during what is isolated and disconnected times. LE provides ability to sense the unstructured data, curate, integrate with existing data and generate insights through knowledge graph, image and video analytics and Sentient user experience.
    • Adaptive CX - Aspects of customer experience delivered by enterprise may have been good a few weeks back but may not be appropriate in the current situation. It is critical to understand the specific customer situations, geo events, pandemic evolution and local guidelines. LE's computational design, observability services, Sentient UX, AI and Digital Brain allows enterprises to review current experiences that are being delivered, adjust and adapt where needed to provide simpler and clearer newer experiences contextualized to the customer situations.

Till COVID-19 situations get better and our enterprises start thinking about 'Live Enterprise' and 'Navigating what is Next' to better cope in the future - Stay Fit, Healthy and Safe.

Arav Narasimhamurthy

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