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Blogger Profiles

Abhishek Singh

Product Manager – Travel and Hospitality, ECS PPS, Infosys

Abhishek SinghAbhishek Singh holds responsibility for conceptualizing next-generation customer experience management (CEM) products for airlines, hotels and travel agents. He has more than 14 years of industry experience.

His writings center on big data, travel and hospitality industry, and customer experience.

Anil Mehta

Director BI, Data and Analytics Practice, Infosys

Anil MehtaAnil is a Visualization and Microsoft Practice Lead at the Data and Analytics practice with over 22 years of total experience & with core strengths of Software delivery management, business growth, and incubating new practices. He has led multiple consulting and transformation engagements in reporting and analysis across various the geographies of the US, Europe, and the Middle East.

Anil will be blogging on the topics of visual analytics, self-service BI, user experience, and storytelling.

Anup Bose

GDPR Consultant, Data & Analytics, Infosys

Anup BoseAnup has significant experience in information governance, data management, business analytics, and domain consulting. With over 17 years of experience, he has worked in various industries (such as high tech, consumer packaged goods, retail, pharma, and insurance), with a focus on data compliance and governance, analytics, digital marketing, consumer insights, data management, and product management.

At Infosys, he leads engagements centred on analytics-as-a-service and productized services. His areas of expertise include processes evaluation, maturity assessments w.r.t. compliance-defining methodologies, report design, data attribution through models, executive dashboards, scorecards, and deep dive analysis. Prior to joining Infosys, he was associated with top technology and consulting companies like IBM, Hewlett Packard, and Deloitte.

Anup will be putting pen to paper on topics such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), data privacy, data governance, and data security through his blogs. Stay tuned.

Arav Narasimhamurthy

Principal Technology Architect – Data & Analytics, USA, Infosys

Arav NarasimhamurthyArav is a Principal Technology Architect based in the US with key focus on Financial services clients. He is working with major banks, building new age and disruptive big data solutions to address millennials’ needs and solve business critical problems. A career spreading across North America, Europe and India in implementing Big Data, DW-BI solutions with extensive experience in solution architecting, roadmap definition, data governance, Master Data Management, security, data modeling and delivery. In his blog posts, he will discuss topics that include big data, artificial intelligence, analytics, and data management.

In his blog posts, he will discuss topics that include big data, artificial intelligence, analytics, and data management.

Archana Kamat

Senior Technology Architect

Archana KamatArchana Kamat is a Senior Technology Architect with varied experience in architecture-design-implementation of large scale software systems; with deep knowledge in Microsoft Technology landscape. She has been part of multiple enterprise architecture engagements where she is involved in EA definition, enterprise application-portfolio analysis , reference architecture-frameorks definitions.

Her key area of interest are Enterprise Architecture Facets, Security , Machine Learning.

Arunabha Mookerjea

Senior Principal Architect, Infosys

Arunabha MookerjeaArunabha has 20+ years of industry experience as a senior principal architect, senior architect and technical program manager in the Data and Analytics (DNA) space. He leads the DNA architecture group for the manufacturing & Hi-tech sector, and helps clients globally with modernizing and monetizing their data landscapes.

Ashish Suratkal

Senior Client Solution Manager

Ashish SuratkalAshish is a Senior Client Solution Manager at the Data & Analytics practice at Infosys. He has over 14 years’ experience in areas of Data lakes, Data warehousing, Business Intelligence and is currently involved in providing Big Data & Data on Cloud Solutions to Global Clients. He has helped several Financial Services & Retail Majors to Navigate the Next in their data transformation journeys. His areas of interest include Data Management, Data Governance, Data Strategy & Data Visualization. His blogs would focus on Big Data, Analytics and Cloud.

Ketan Puri

Senior Consultant – Infosys Consulting

Ketan PuriKetan’s career spans over 17 years of extensive experience in the energy and utilities domain (technical and process) consulting – ranging from oil and gas, electricity distribution, natural gas trading, and ISOs.

Ketan has been with Infosys for more than eight years. During this period, he has executed large-scale projects for one of the top three energy and utilities companies based in US. His core expertise lies in enterprise reference architectures (IIoT, cloud, big data & analytics), design thinking, enterprise application integration, thought leadership, project management, and process consulting.

Ketan is credited with leading business process management (BPM) engagements for major financial firms, business process modelling and development of high performance integration frameworks in the energy domain. Ketan writes chiefly on data analytics, data lakes, IIoT, high speed data stream integration, business process improvements, reference architectures, and upstream application integration solutions.

Mangalika Ghosh

Consultant in Retail CPG and Logistics

Mangalika GhoshMangalika is a consultant who caters to shipping and liner domain for varied major shipping clients, based in Asia Pacific (APAC), Middle East, United States, and Europe. With over nine years of experience, she has functional expertise in container tracking and maintenance, cargo management, regulatory, and customs. She has worked at Infosys for more than seven years.

Her blogs will offer insights on topics such as shipping and ocean liner, supply chain, data analytics, and blockchain.

Mitul Kumar

Principal Consultant, Data and Analytics Practice, Infosys

Mitul KumarMitul is a Principal Consultant at the Data and Analytics practice with over 14 years of total work experience. He leads the visual analytics and self-service business intelligence (BI) center of excellence at Infosys. Having 10 years of work experience at Infosys, he has led multiple consulting and transformation engagements in reporting, analysis, and enterprise performance management space. He has authored and presented multiple thought papers and points of view, which have been presented and appreciated across forums and clients.

Mitul will be blogging on the topics of visual analytics, self-service BI, user experience, and storytelling.


Principal – Business Consulting, Financial Services, Infosys

NandhakumarNandhakumar’s 20-year career spans insurance and consulting across 10 countries.

During his 10 years spent with Infosys, he was responsible for leading the offshore consulting team. He has also donned multiple hats, including that of management consultant, program manager, process consultant, across different geographies.

Nandhakumar will chiefly blog on insurance, analytics, and management consulting.

Nikhilesh Murthy

Assistant Marketing Manager, Infosys

Nikhilesh MurthyNikhilesh Murthy works with the marketing division for products, platforms and solutions team at Infosys. Nikhilesh has over five years of core marketing experience with IT companies.

Nikhilesh blogs on big data analytics.

Pavan Bandaru

Principal Technology Architect – Data and Analytics, Infosys

Pavan BandaruPavan Bandaru is a Principal Technology Architect with Healthcare, Insurance and Life sciences Unit at Infosys. With over 20 years of rich IT experience, he leads business intelligence (BI) and analytics programs at Infosys. In his seven years at Infosys, he has worked on many challenging assignments in energy, communications, and financial services sectors. He is very passionate about technology and learning new trends, and has also been a part of ideating strategic and tactical solutions.

In his blog, he will discuss technology and industry trends.

Rahul Jain

Senior Associate Consultant, Big Data, GMUBI, Infosys

Rahul JainAt Infosys, Rahul understands and solves client’s business problems using big data analytics. He has been involved in creating various business cases and go-to-market strategies as a part of his assignment. He has spearheaded advanced analytics use case development for BFSI and telecom industry verticals. He has led project engagement functionally in areas of risk analytics and customer analytics. Involved in building advanced analytics capabilities at Infosys.

Rahul takes a keen interest in the areas of big data analytics, business and strategy consulting, and technology trends.

Rajeev Nayar

Associate Vice President and Head – Big Data, Infosys

Rajeev NayarRajeev Nayar leads the Big Data practice as part of the Cloud unit at Infosys. He has more than 18 years of experience in information management. His key areas of focus now are big data analytics and extreme data processing, which deals with very large-scale data solutions. His works spans multiple vertical areas and has helped guide the development of a patent pending solution for big data at Infosys. He has presented at a number of conferences and co-authored a book on big data titled 'Big Data Spectrum.'

KN Rao

Senior Principal Technology Architect, DNA Practice, London

KN RaoKN Rao is a Senior Principal Technology Architect specialized in big data technologies, analytics workbench, and Infosys ManaTM for data platforms. Based in London currently, he has been working with Infosys for the past 10 years and has executed a number of consulting and delivery related projects across different technologies, including big data. He is a veteran with overall 20 years of experience.

In his blogs, he will discuss on topics such as big data trends, MfD and analytics workbench.

Ramaswami Mohandoss

Senior Technology Architect, Data & Analytics, Infosys

Ramaswami MohandossRamaswami Mohandoss is a Senior Technology Architect, specializing in retail customer analytics. A programmer and a data enthusiast, he has extensive experience of over 16 years in total and eight years in the space of Analytics, Big data and Data science. He uses technology in helping clients monetize their data assets and shaping the intuition of decision makers.

In his blogs, Ramaswami will write on topics related to customer analytics, business intelligence, big data, data science, and more.

Ravikant Karra

Client Partner, Data Science and Analytics, Infosys

Ravikant KarraRavikant has over 17 years of consulting experience. Based in the US, he is now part of the leadership team in the Data Science and Analytics unit. He is currently responsible for specific client relationships, account growth, and building a domain team focused on analytics.

Ravikant’s work experience spans across India, China and the US, with a dominant focus on retail and CPG industries. He has worked in multiple functional areas, specializing in supply chain, direct marketing, and BI. Prior to his current role, he led the retail / CPG practice for new markets, focusing on China. His current focus area is data-driven consulting and analytics to drive innovative solutions to business problems.

Ravi holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering, an MBA, and a CPIM APICS certification. He will blog on the usage of analytics from a practitioner’s perspective.

Rohan Kanungo

General Data Privacy Regulation Consultant, Data & Analytics, Infosys

Rohan KanungoRohan Kanungo is a data governance, management, privacy, and protection consultant with over 13 years of experience in information technology (IT) consultancy and advisory services. By working with leading organizations, he has garnered extensive expertise across information management, data governance, data management, data security, and data strategy.

Recently, he has also taken up work to enable organizational compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), by providing strategy and advisory services, frameworks, solutions, service offerings, catalysts, and accelerators. His white papers and points of views (POVs) also provide detailed information about GDPR.

Tune into his blogs to know more about GDPR, data privacy, data governance, and data security.

Dr. Sandeep Rajput

Chief Data Scientist, Data Science and Analytics, Infosys

Dr. Sandeep RajputDr. Sandeep Rajput has been a data scientist for close to 20 years, with stints at FICO, Microsoft, UT Knoxville, and Oak Ridge National Lab. As Chief Data Scientist of the Data Science and Analytics business unit, he oversees the application of statistical modeling, machine learning, algorithms, and optimization techniques to complex problems across domains such as credit risk, marketing, advertising, and networks.

Sandeep is a recognized thought leader in the data science community.

In his blog posts, Sandeep will share a veteran’s view of the evolution and current state of data science, science education, artificial intelligence, and how to pragmatically derive lasting business value from yottabytes of data.

Santhanakrishnan R.

Senior Principal – Analytics and Data Science, Infosys

Santhanakrishnan R.Santhanakrishnan has over 15 years of experience in analytics-led business insights and consulting. As a member of the analytics and data science leadership team, he focuses on industries such as retail, CPG, logistics, and life sciences.

Santhanakrishnan heads service delivery for analytics and data science projects across a portfolio of clients in retail, CPG, manufacturing, life sciences, and other business segments. His expertise lies in data visualization, analysis and predictive analytics solutions, a range of tools (commercial and open-source) that enable delivery of such solutions, and helping clients realize value through analytics and data science.

Santhanakrishnan will share insights on analytics, visualization, predictive analytics, and data science.

Shahnawaz Qureshi

Senior Technology Architect, Healthcare Insurance and Life Sciences, Infosys

Shahnawaz QureshiShahnawaz has more than 15 years of industry experience and specializes in enterprise architecture and technology consulting. Currently as a Senior Technology Architect with Infosys, he works with many Fortune 500 companies across verticals helping them define and realize cutting-edge technology and architecture strategies.

In addition, Shahnawaz is a TOGAF certified enterprise architect and is professionally associated with the architecture groups of several enterprises.

He will bring this vast experience to the blog posts, providing insights on Internet of Things (IoT), analytics, Web scale IT, and do-it-yourself (DIY) projects.