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May 10, 2020

5 technology trends which will see faster adoption in a post COVID world

These are unprecedented times, and impact of COVID-19 is clearly seen around the globe. The situation is forcing governments, communities, industries, citizens to change their lifestyle and the way they work. We can clearly see technology, and process innovation being embraced by everyone in responding to the circumstances. Globally, there will be changes across the political, social and economic fabric in the post pandemic world. Industries will respond and define their new normal which will be influenced by a bunch of external factors. I strongly believe technology will be a great leveler and will act as a catalyst as enterprises navigate through post-pandemic journey. Here are my top 5 technology predictions that will transform industries and firms, these technologies are not new however their adoption rate will significantly increase
  1. Reimagining IOT: Proliferation of Internet of Things will accelerate, such as the ability to sense pathogens in the environment, wearables that detect infections, autonomous cleaning robots. Monitoring environments, and individuals with due regard to privacy concerns will enhance preparedness of governments to deal with epidemics. Smart thermometers help to gain real time data and aggregate analysis leads to patterns. IOT coupled with AI/ML to discern patterns from seemingly un-related events will be a powerful tool in preventive and preemptive measures

  2. Intelligent and smart spaces: Building management systems, sustainability, certifications were becoming popular over the last few years in response to the global warming effects. In a post pandemic world, there will be acceleration of these technologies including thermal imaging for identifying suspects in crowded environments. In addition, smart buildings will have to start adapting towards the new normal ways of working and positively impact work output/outcomes

  3. Touchless interfaces and interactions: Conversational interfaces (think Alexa, Google Assistant) have been steadily growing, these will now be supplemented by vision, gesture-based interfaces and interactions. We will clearly see the accelerated adoption of these technologies with use cases ranging across industries. I predict that in the physical world we will we get to see more of Amazon Go type stores

  4. Enhanced surveillance: Thermal imaging techniques coupled with heavy duty vision processing will become common place. Newer processes to ascertain individual safety (health certifications?) followed by newer ways of validating them will be introduced. Robotic, drone-based surveillance techniques with enhanced computing at the edge will assist human decision making

  5. Digitally extended realities: Augmented, Virtual, Mixed Reality are steadily growing, and we will start seeing higher rates of adoption. The applications of these technologies so far have been very creative, and can be extended for purpose of training, investigation, assessing an environment before taking corrective action. Simulating conditions and gauging responses can be done through the extended reality paradigm, and then specific coaching to address the gaps 

Crises in mankind's history have been inflection points and we have all responded to it very strongly. They make use stronger and smarter. I am certain post pandemic there are going to be social, economic and political changes that will have an impact on trade, industries and personal lifestyles. In all of this, technology will play an integral role as in the past. These are 5 trends that will see faster adoption in my view, what are your views?

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