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Creating Content in the New Banking Scenario

Posted by Sunita Shelar (View Profile | View All Posts) at 6:21 AM

In our last post, we established that content should be created once and repurposed to suit multiple needs.

Before the bank creates content, it is important to establish content guidelines and standards. These guidelines and standards lay a firm foundation for ensuring consistency, quality, reuse, brand identity and a personal voice. When laying down the rules, the bank needs to think about:

Need: The bank's content needs, or in other words, the intent in creating content, drives two of the most important pillars of your bank's content strategy - the Tone of Voice (TOV) document and the Style Guide.

A TOV lays down guidelines on the tone (e.g. personal - impersonal, formal - informal, etc.) to be used when creating content. When content needs to be repurposed, it is important to note the spectrum of such repurpose before deciding the various tonal aspects. 

A Style Guide lays down guidelines for grammar, use of abbreviations, fonts, font sizes, acceptable colors and a lot of other such details, which if not spelt out, will prevent content from being seamlessly reused.

Geographies: In a flat world, banks operate in multiple geographies. For maximum reusability, content should be simple, unambiguous and gender/ locale/culture-neutral. This allows it to be translated easily, and also makes it easy to add or modify content to incorporate the local flavor.   

Regulatory requirements: Every business is governed by rules. Banking is even more regulated. It is mandated that banks regularly share some information with regulatory and governing bodies. 

Customer requirements: Although banks would want to push certain kinds of information to customers, they must also bear in mind their customer's information and communication needs. These must drive content creation.      

Employee requirements: Efficient, motivated, engaged employees have diverse information needs,  ranging from company policy, to corporate news, to functional & product training to recreational information.  

Time: Creating content catering to multiple requirements takes time. When banks have strict deadlines to meet, e.g. launch of a new product, 
meeting a regulatory requirement deadline; they must allow for sufficient time to create quality content.

Resources:  Content creation is not dependent only on talent. In today's world, the tools and technology of content creation are equally important. Curating content is as important as creating it. The publishing medium and distribution channels play an important role in deciding the tools and platforms to be used for content creation.


Nice article with interesting and insightful information. To add, content also needs to be in-line with the 'Trend' and target 'Community'. For example, keeping the intent of a specific content fixed, the presentation might have varied flavor for a younger generation, compared to senior citizens. Kotak Mahindra's recent 'My Junior Account - The Savings Account for Kids' (http://www.kotak.com/kotaklpbank/my-junior-account/my-junior-account.htm))provides a good example on emotional and promotional mixed content.

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