October 11, 2013

NPA (Non-Performing Assets) Restructuring and Core Banking Solution

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Restructuring of Loans:

Debt Restructuring, a common practice globally, provides relief to distressed borrowers. The intent here is to support deserving businesses by extending loan tenures, putting interest payments on hold, converting debt into equity, issuing fresh term or working capital loans, waiving off the interest and so on.

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June 26, 2013

Link CRM to Social

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Social Media and CRM.jpg

That social media has taken the virtual world by storm is a foregone conclusion. What is surprising, though, is the changing attitude of employers towards their employees' preoccupation with it. Once seen as a distraction at the workplace, employers today are increasingly encouraging their employees to network via social media sites - an impressive 55% of US employers, to be precise, going by a recent survey by Regus. Other numbers thrown up by this survey suggest that 47% of businesses in the US are using social media to generate new business and that 38% of businesses spend up to 20% of their marketing budgets on social networking activities. And justifiably so.

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May 22, 2013

CRM Soars to the Cloud

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Cloud and CRM.jpg

Globalization brought in its wake the dictum "customer is king." A couple of decades, slowdowns and recessions later, companies still subscribe to this decree. So much so, that it has spawned an entire business - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - in a bid to engage this all-important asset, the customer.

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April 4, 2013

A Core Solution to Banking Fraud

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"Where there is a will, I want to be in it." This popular Paraprosdokian is a lighthearted take on the irresistible lure to make a fast buck. Fraud, on the other hand, is a serious matter.In 2011-12 alone, Indian banks reported 5,569 cases of fraud, involving a staggering Rs. 4,448 crores.

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