April 22, 2013

"Bankalytics" - Banks and Analytics

Posted by Vivek Sharma (View Profile | View All Posts) at 5:12 AM


In today's competitive landscape, banks strive to increase their market share by coming up with creative and innovative ways to acquire and engage their customers. Unlike banking of yore, present day banks are nimble and look for different ways to understand customer needs based on their actual behaviour and then offer relevant products and services.

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February 6, 2013

Social Media, for Customers and their Banks

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Social Media and Banking blog_Vivek_AVID_FINAL.jpg

For a long time, consumers were quite apathetic about their banking decisions. And who could blame them? Products were standard across institutions, with very few or no variations, and one bank looked like the other. Customers chose their bank based on location, acquaintance with employees, and word-of-mouth reviews.

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