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Blogger Profiles

Abhik Kar

Senior Consultant, Financial Services and Insurance, Infosys

Abhik KarAbhik Kar is a senior consultant with the financial services and insurance (FSI) unit and has been at Infosys for the last six years. The majority of his experience lies specifically in the consumer banking domain, where he continues to actively work on end-to-end development of solutions for banks. He also has expertise providing solutions to business problems in areas spanning origination, underwriting, fulfillment, and monitoring.

His areas of interest are centered around consumer banking, retail lending and commercial lending.

Abhishek Srivastava

Senior Analyst – Financial Services and Insurance, Infosys

Abhishek SrivastavaAbhishek’s career spans 6 years in the field of finance and insurance. As Senior Analyst, he has been notably recognized for his expertise in economies that are vulnerable to global market development and significantly contribute to the EMEA region. Currently, he specializes in country research with a focus on macroeconomic and political economy updates.

His blog covers topics such as key macroeconomic developments along with political- and sector-specific news which contribute significantly to regional economies. He also comments on reports, notes, and comments published by agencies such as IMF, UN, OECD, and rating agencies.

Ajeet Singh Batra

Senior Project Manager and Product Consultant – Risk and Compliance Practice, Financial Services & Insurance, Infosys

Ajeet Singh BatraWith over 11 years of experience, Ajeet Singh Batra makes significant contributions in the area of knowledge management and pre- sales.

As a Senior Project Manager, Ajeet has been leading product competency centers for risk and compliance products in the Financial Services and Insurance (FSI) business since 2006.

Ajeet will blog on Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC).

Amit Khullar

Senior Project Manager, Financial Services & Insurance, Infosys

Amit KhullarAmit Khullar has a 12-year track record of managing a range of product and consulting services in the risk and compliance domain for clients in Financial Services and Insurance (FSI).

As a Senior Project Manager, Amit is responsible for managing large transformational engagements for FSI clients.

Amit will blog on topics he knows better than the back of his hand: Banking and Insurance Regulations, Risk Management and Consumer Credit.

Amol Kulkarni

Sub-practice Lead, Consumer Banking - Financial Services Domain and Consulting Group, Infosys

Amol KulkarniAmol is armed with deep experience in consumer banking. With around 20 years of work experience, he is a veteran who has gained expertise in consumer lending (auto loans, personal loans, and white goods loans), mortgage, and channel banking (online and mobile banking plus personal financial management). As an integral member of the founding team for the banking practice at Infosys, he has been associated with the organization for 20 years now. He serves as a portfolio manager / account manager for certain new accounts with portfolios of over US$15 million.

Through blogs, Amol will share his experience and thoughts on topics related to digital channel banking, retail lending, and mortgage.

Anand Patra

Lead Analyst – Knowledge Services, FSIMCS, Infosys

Anand PatraAnand’s career as an analyst in the Knowledge Services domain spans nearly a decade.

He specializes in validation and employs a statistical approach to developing financial risk models. Anand is recognized as a key contributor in the validation and building of credit risk scorecards and loss forecasting models.

He blogs on a wide array of topics, such as application of statistical approaches in the areas of financial risk management, customer relationship marketing, and social media.

Anjani Kumar

Principal Consultant – Consumer Banking Practice, Financial Services & Insurance, Infosys

Anjani KumarAnjani has more than 15 years of IT, domain, and process consulting experience.

At Infosys, he is currently strategizing for and executing many critical initiatives within the Consumer Banking Practice. He has provided consultation and managed many critical projects in the past, along with contributing towards several account-level initiatives. His expertise is in the techno-functional aspects of consumer banking, and he has a special interest in consumer banking channels and analytics. Anjani was recognized as the lead process auditor for the consumer banking division of a major global bank.

Anjani will blog on themes around consumer banking digital channels, analytics, and core banking.

Dr. Ashok Hegde

Head – Capital Markets Practice, Financial Services & Insurance, Infosys

Dr. Ashok HegdeDr. Ashok Hegde holds a Ph.D. in Economics and heads the Capital Markets Practice at Infosys. Powered by more than 210 consultants as well as product specialists, the Capital Markets Practice has a laser-sharp focus on developing technology capabilities and proven processes to address the priorities of this industry.

Dr. Ashok has held senior management positions in the capital markets industry for the last 17 years.

Dr. Ashok will blog on Capital Markets, Asset Management, Wealth Management, Market Places Service Provider and General Economics.

Ashmita Ray

Associate Consultant, Financial Services & Insurance, Infosys

Ashmita RayAshmita Ray is an Associate Consultant with the Risk and Compliance practice for the Financial Services and Insurance vertical, with process consulting, business process analysis, requirement elicitation, and project management as her areas of specialization. In prior roles, she has worked as a risk analyst and then as a business analyst with IT majors in India.

Among her achievements are: GAP upgrade as an Oracle Financials Process Consultant; active involvement in the Regulatory Reporting Practitioner Community, Basel III; and creation of a point of view for regulatory reporting for a major financial giant.

She studied business administration at Symbiosis, India. She has earned certifications in Advance Banking Risk and Compliance, Oracle Financials, and IBM SOA Associate.

Ashmita will blog on insider trading, anti-money laundering, credit risk, and currency crisis.

Avijit Saha

Senior Project Manager, FSI-Consumer Banking Practice, Infosys

Avijit SahaAvijit Saha is an acknowledged thought leader in the area of consumer marketing and analytics, advanced business intelligence (BI), next-gen customer experience, and digital marketing.

Avijit has spent more than 13 years of experience in technology industry. His expertise straddles consumer marketing, digital marketing, marketing analytics, consumer analytics, data modeling, data visualization, as well as core banking with a focus on deposits.

Avijit’s conversations in the blogger space are centered on the following topics: analytics in consumer banking, data mining, digital marketing, measuring marketing performance, customer centricity in retail banking, data visualization techniques, social media and big data analytics for banking, and next-gen BI platforms.

Avishek Ghosh

Senior Lead Analyst – Financial Services and Insurance, Strategic Insight, Infosys

Avishek GhoshAvishek has over ten years of experience in the field of analytics and research. As a notable analyst, he is widely recognized for his expertise in resolving complex business problems such as customer attrition and customer engagement. He has also worked on time series forecasting using statistical modeling technique for capacity management and planning.

In his blogs, Avishek will provide keen insight on topics such as marketing analytics, statistical modeling, and business problems where analytics can be used.

Baqar Zaidi

Senior Analyst – Economic Research, Financial Services and Insurance, Infosys

Baqar ZaidiBaqar is a Senior Analyst with a specialized focus on macro-economic research on India and the Euro-zone. He comes with great analytical skills which he uses in forecasting various economic variables using statistical and econometric tools. He has been consistently writing on various topics relating to India and the Euro zone economies in internal and client publications.

In his blogs, Baqar will share insights on India and the world economy. He will analyze and summarize major issues concerning global economic environment with a special emphasis on India.

Biji Kurian John

Principal Consultant, Commercial Banking practice – Financial services, Infosys

Biji Kurian JohnBiji Kurian John contributes towards strategic initiatives of the Commercial Banking practice at Infosys. With over 12 years of significant experience working for global banking giants and regional financial powerhouses, Biji doubles as a techno-functional subject matter expert (SME) in commercial banking.

Biji has an intuitive understanding of the major product enhancements, customizations, solution designing, and testing in the areas of trade finance, payments, and retail banking.

Biji will share his insights on trade and supply chain finance, payments, and branch banking through his blogs.

Chetna Narayanan

Client Solution Lead, Financial Services

Chetna NarayananChetna is a management professional with over eight years of experience in strategic insights, market and corporate development, and sales enablement in business-to-business ecosystems across market verticals. She has been associated with Infosys for quite some time and her current responsibilities include building new accounts and creating new business opportunities for existing accounts by providing the Financial Services leadership team with client-specific competitive / market intelligence, account planning, industry analysis, and so on.

Read her blog posts to discover the latest trends and insights on topics such as big data, social media banking, next generation banking, and consumer banking.

Guillermo Falco

Head of Client Services – Southern Europe, Financial Services & Insurance, Infosys

Guillermo FalcoGuillermo has over 20 years of experience in IT services serving clients across U.K., Latin-America, and Southern Europe. He has expertise in management consultancy and outsourcing business development, focusing on banking and capital markets. He currently heads the Infosys’ Spain branch, and is responsible for the Southern Europe Banking and Capital Markets. He has played a key role in developing the market and in signing contracts with some of the largest banks.

Guillermo will blog on Outsourcing and Offshoring scenario in Spain/ South Europe/ Latin-America. He also will comment on risk management and compliance.

Gururaj Deshpande

Associate Vice President, Financial Services & Insurance, Infosys

Gururaj DeshpandeGururaj, manages a division of financial services customers to ensure customer satisfaction through high-quality delivery of projects. He has managed and developed talent pool for Infosys, and has pioneered delivery excellence and thought leadership initiatives.

Gururaj has more than 18 years of experience and has served in several portfolios such as project management, portfolio/program management, transition management, presales, merger and integration and delivery management. He has worked closely with several global customers based in USA, Europe, Singapore, Korea, China and Australia.

Gururaj will blog on IT delivery, global sourcing, talent and leadership development as well as trends in Financial services.

Harshit Tripathi

Senior Associate Consultant, Consumer Banking – Financial Services Domain and Consulting Group, Infosys

Harshit TripathiHarshit has over five years of experience as an IT domain consultant, specializing in consumer and channel banking. He has deep expertise in mobile banking application development, retail lending, data, and analytics. His participation in successful delivery of complex programs for leading US, European, and Australian banks has gained him immense appreciation. What’s more, he is also acknowledged for winning the Infosys Performance Award 2015.

His blogs will offer insights on topics such as channel and consumer banking, retail, and lending for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Irene Francis

Consultant, Financial Services, Infosys


FrancisIrene has over seven years of experience in research and has skills in company research, industry / market analysis, vendor analysis and country analysis. She has published several thought papers on topics such as voice biometrics, digital-only banking and precision marketing in financial services. Through her blog posts, Irene will share proficient views on consumer banking, cards, payments, and commercial banking.

Kiran Kalmadi

Lead Consultant, Financial Services & Insurance, Infosys

Kiran KalmadiKiran is a Lead Consultant in the Financial Services and Insurance (FSI) unit and leads the FSI Research Center. He has over 11 years of experience in bespoke research and analysis for strategy development, consulting, marketing and business development.

Kiran has worked extensively in the retail banking and payments domain and has been involved in developing research- based consultative insights and analysis for business pursuits and client engagement.

He has a keen interest in Social Media, Payments, Analytics, Internet, and Mobile Banking and its Adoption by Financial Institutions, and will blog on these topics.

Kiran Vichare

Principal Consultant, Financial Services, Domain Consulting Group, Infosys

Kiran VichareKiran has 21 years of financial experience, and is a qualified chartered accountant (CA). As a principal consultant, he specializes in portfolio accounting for asset managers, hedge funds, and hedge accounting for non-asset managers.

Kiran has the ability for identifying automation / innovation opportunities inside business processes, and recognizing weaknesses in functional design. Moreover, he was responsible for suggesting changes to the design of iRECON, and for a simple yet powerful transformation to the payments / disbursements module in Finacle.

In his blog posts, Kiran will share proficient views on the current trends in asset valuation, portfolio accounting, and financial instruments.

Kuljit Singh

Client Solution Lead, Financial Services (FS) Research Center, Infosys

Kuljit SinghA financial professional with more than seven years of experience, Kuljit provides competitive and market intelligence to senior management and financial services (FS) sales team. In his current role, he is part of best solutions team, and a recognized FS differentiator for his contributions and support.

On his blogs, Kuljit will focus on topics related to the financial services industry.

Lincy Jacob

Lead Consultant, FSDCG-PBNK, Infosys

Lincy JacobAs a senior business analyst, Lincy specializes in retail banking systems and processes, and IT transformation engagements. She has over 14 years of experience and has been working with Infosys for more than 11 years. Acknowledged for her work, she has received several awards from the client team. Her blogs will offer insights on topics such as consumer banking, blockchain, and other disruptive trends.

Mayur Bansal

Senior Associate Consultant, FS Research Center, Infosys

Mayur BansalMayur has over three years of professional experience in Strategic Business Research and Development. In this domain, he oversees capital market trends, financial regulations, and technology analysis.

At Infosys, Mayur is instrumental in providing support to the senior management and the Financial Services (FS) sales team with competitive and market intelligence. He was part of a team that was recognized as the Best Solutions Team and FS Differentiator for Infosys.

Mayur will chiefly blog on topics such as financial services regulations and technology.

Mohamed Anis

AVP – Financial Services and Insurance, Infosys

Mohamed AnisMohamed Anis has more than 15 years of experience in technology-led business transformation strategies for financial institutions. He is widely recognized for his expertise around next-gen customer experience, digital consumers, mobile banking, and core banking and payments.

Anis will provide insights about how banks can experience business transformation from technology, service, product and process perspectives. He will also blog about multichannel financial services, digital banking, mobile banking, and next-gen banking.

Mohit Joshi

Head, Financial Services & Insurance – Europe, Infosys

Mohit JoshiMohit Joshi heads the European component of the Financial Services and Insurance business at Infosys. His responsibilities includes Sales, client management and P&L responsibility for Banking & Insurance in the region.

Before assuming his current position, Mr. Joshi was heading Sales and Marketing globally for Banking and Capital Markets at Infosys. Prior to his role as Sales Head, he was responsible for the setup & operations of the Infosys subsidiary in Monterrey, Mexico. In addition to his role as Head of Latin America subsidiary, he also continued to have responsibility for the Client Management of a large US Bank.

Narayan Sivaram

Head – Cards & Payment, Infosys

Narayan SivaramNarayan has nearly two decades of experience in the IT industry across delivery, consulting, and client services. Over the last decade, Narayan has played a leading role at Infosys in the Cards & Payment unit through several strategic, domain-led engagements, and client advisory roles. He has diverse experience in sales including taking platform- based offerings to market.

Narayan has undertaken several market focused activities with industry analysts and media for Infosys covering trends in digital, big data, cloud, and technology infrastructure.

Narayan will bring his seasoned experience in the Cards & Payment industry to his blog posts. He will write on topics such as servicing, corporate payments, alternate payments, information management, technology transformation programs, and mergers and acquisitions.

Navdeep Gill

Senior Consultant – Products, Platforms & Solutions, Financial Services & Insurance, Infosys

Navdeep Gill Navdeep Gill has spent all of her 5-year career working for Infosys in areas like risk and compliance, customer onboarding and portfolio management.

As a Senior Consultant, Navdeep’s responsibilities include requirements gathering and validation for large transformational programs and product development.

Navdeep will blog on Customer Onboarding, Customer Management and Wealth Management.

Neeraj Kumar Jindal

Engagement Manager, Financial Services & Insurance, Infosys

Neeraj Kumar JindalNeeraj has more than14 years of experience as a banker, financial advisor and IT solution provider in the financial sector. As a banker, his focus areas include shipping and infrastructure financing. He has served as an advisor to the Government of India (GOI) on infrastructure sector privatization.

At Infosys, Neeraj assists senior banking and IT executives in the areas of structured products, equities market, payments, cash management, 401 (K) plan, Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) and wealth management. His responsibilities include managing senior client relationships in strategic accounts and ensuring client satisfaction.

Neeraj will blog on business-IT alignment, strategic sourcing and the financial market structure.

Nikhil Mittal

Senior Consultant, Financial Services & Insurance, Infosys

Nikhil MittalInformed by more than six years of industry experience, Nikhil Mittal anchors multiple banking pursuits, helping drive measurable business value for clients.

Nikhil will blog on treasury systems, payments and deposits, and banking technology.

Pankaj Kulkarni

AVP and Client Partner, Financial Services & Insurance - Europe, Infosys

Pankaj KulkarniPankaj manages Infosys’ relationships with key global banks and anchors the company’s Investment Banking practice in Europe. With over 16 years of experience, he has led the growth of some of the largest banking accounts for Infosys in Europe. He has previously also anchored large consulting engagements for Fortune 100 clients.

Actively involved in supporting clients through the current economic downturn turmoil in the European market, Pankaj will blog on banking for all seasons.

Parth Dikshit

Senior Consultant, Banking – FSDCG, Infosys

ParthParth Dikshit is a banking consultant with more than 10 years of extensive experience in banking center channel development, legal compliance, mergers and transitions and strategic marketing. Currently based in Pune, he has been part of multiple programs that involved interfacing with client executives.

Parth has delivered solutions from both clients’ as well as from Infosys locations. He has won awards and recognitions for multiple initiatives resulting in business value, process automation, and cost reduction.

In his blog posts, Parth will share valuable insights on channels and consumer banking.

Pavana Nayak

Associate Engagement Manager — Financial Services and Insurance, Infosys

Pavana NayakPavana has been with Infosys for over 13 years and has managed to get various accolades in marketing and sales functions. She is currently responsible for managing relationships with insurance clients in the UK. Her other responsibilities include outsourcing business development and focusing on the insurance market. She has extensive experience in marketing with focus on branding, thought leadership, and innovation in Infosys.

In her blogs, she will be discussing trends in insurance and technology developments in the insurance sector.

Pramod Nagabushan

Global Head Financial Services Marketing, Infosys

Pramod NagabushanBased in London, Pramod is responsible for managing marketing activities for the financial services business unit at Infosys, globally. With over 10 years of experience at Infosys, his key responsibilities include strategizing and executing marketing activities that synchronize with the business needs. Overall, he has more than 16 years of work experience.

His blogs will offer insights on topics such as financial services, artificial intelligence, automation, blockchain, and payments.

Prasanna Kumar Sekar

Client Solution Manager, Financial Services, Infosys

Prasanna Kumar SekarPrasanna has around nine years of experience in research and consulting services across various industries. His focus areas include market sizing, sales strategizing, and business development. Having been associated with Infosys for the past six months, his current responsibilities include providing financial services that are specific to competitive / market intelligence, company analysis, industry trends, and more, to senior management.

His blogs will provide detailed insights on topics such as cards and payments, big data in banking, innovation in mobile banking, consumer banking, and more.

Prasanth Ramani

Principal Consultant, FSI Commercial Banking Practice, Infosys

Prasanth RamaniPrasanth Ramani is responsible for providing end-to-end solutions in retail, commercial and corporate investment banking, mortgages, treasury management, equity, anti-money laundering (AML), and compliance and risk. He has been with Infosys for the past 12 years.

Commercial banking – treasury and payments, compliance and risk are some of Prasanth’s favorite topics.

Prathima M

Associate consultant, Financial Services & Insurance, Infosys

Prathima MPrathima has been with Infosys’ Financial Services and Insurance business for more than five years, where her frameworks of action include providing foundations for anti-money laundering and enabling trade surveillance. Prathima’s credits include working as a business analyst for trade surveillance for a major U.S. bank.

Prathima will blog on anti-money laundering, transaction surveillance, Norkom case management tool, and retail banking.

Priya Thampi

Principal Technology Architect – Digital Transformation, Financial Services & Insurance, Infosys

Priya ThampiPriya Thampi is responsible for branding and growing the Enterprise Search practice at Infosys. She heads the following groups within the online stream: Enterprise Search, Recommendation, BazaarVoice, analytics and campaign tracks. She also served as the chief architect for information management.

Priya is considered an influential leader in social commerce and enterprise optimization.

Topics like information management and customer experience are central to her work – and to her blogs.

Puneet Mody

Associate Vice President, Financial Services – Client Services, Infosys


ModyPuneet is a client services leader with 19+ years of experience in the financial services technology industry. As Associate Vice President, he is instrumental in establishing and nurturing relationships with some of the most strategic financial services clients, with a special focus on clients in the banking and payments domain.

Puneet is passionate about helping financial services companies leverage technology like digital, automation and BPM to stay relevant and achieve growth amid growing competition from innovative startups. Additionally, he brings a cross-industry and global perspective to address challenges faced by the financial services industry.

In his blog posts, Puneet will share a seasoned expert's view on Banking, impact of digital technology on financial services and learnings, relevant to FS companies, from across industries.

Rahul Handa

Lead Analyst – Knowledge Services, Financial Services and Insurance, Infosys

Rahul HandaRahul is an experienced risk management professional who specializes in model validation, statistical modeling, credit risk, risk-based pricing, and big data analytics. He has been with Infosys for the last 6 years and has worked for multiple clients across geographies such as US and UK. He has considerable experience in validating and developing models in the field of credit risk and operational risk.

Rahul holds a degree in business administration from Welingkar, India. He is a certified Data Science Associate from EMC and is also a SAS Certified Predictive Modeler Using SAS Enterprise Miner 7.

Rahul will blog on topics relating to financial risk management, statistical modeling, model validation, operational risk, comprehensive capital analysis and review (CCAR), DFAST, Basel II, and Basel III.

Rajashri Dube

Lead Business Consultant – FSDCG Banking practice, Infosys

Rajashri DubeWith more than 14 years of experience, Rajashri works as Lead Business Consultant in consumer banking DCG at Infosys. She has been working with Infosys for the past 11 years and has acted as a Scrum Master and Senior Business Analyst. Her efforts and skills earned her team the ‘Best Agile Team’ award by Client CEO 2016.

Her blogs will offer insights on topics such as consumer banking, analytics, and disruptive trends.

Renu Rajani

Vice President & Delivery Head, Financial Services – Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) Service Line, Infosys

Renu RajaniWith over 28 years of experience, Renu serves as the Vice President and Delivery Head for FS-ADM at Infosys. In her career span, Renu has been actively involved in transformational / complex delivery, solution architecting and sales enablement, go-to-market strategy development in digital transformation, business assurance, DevOps, and cognitive technologies.

Her blogs will offer insights on topics such as IT services trends, ADM, testing, consulting, infrastructure management, digital transformation, and managed services across sectors.

Rishikesh Bagati

Lead Consultant, Consumer Banking Practice, Financial Services & Insurance, Infosys

Rishikesh BagatiRishikesh Bagati consults extensively on enterprise IT transformation engagements in the banking and financial services domain. Milestones include conducting a portfolio rationalization exercise at a large Australian bank, ensuring constant downstream revenue running into over A$100 million.

Topics like core banking transformation and IT portfolio assessments figure significantly on Rishikesh’s blogger space.

Ruchi Singla

Consultant – Risk and Compliance Practice, Financial Services & Insurance, Infosys

Ruchi SinglaRuchi Singla, an industry professional of more than five years’ standing, leads as well as provides subject matter expertise in the payments area on large restructuring programs for banks. So far, she has worked on Bankers' Automated Clearing Services (BACS), faster payments, and cheque clearing.

Among Ruchi’s achievements are: Piloting a model-based testing approach using (Infosys) proprietary tools and creating an online banking solution that follows a model-based testing approach.

Ruchi will blog on payments, payments fraud, and software testing.

Ruchi Verma

Research Analyst, Financial Services & Insurance, Infosys

Ruchi VermaRuchi Verma has more than eight years of experience in the capital markets space.

As a Research Analyst, Ruchi is responsible for projects centered on development, enhancement and maintenance in the capital markets domain.These projects cover a broad swath of operations and technologies, including business and requirement analysis, brokerage applications(such as order placement, market research, quotes and order management), and private banking dashboards for CFOs/CIOs.

Ruchi will blog on Capital Market Instruments, Technology Trends, the Dodd-Frank Act, Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) II, Over-the-counter (OTC) Derivatives and European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR), Changes in U.S. Trade, and Solvency.

Sam Felix Pradeep Kumar

Lead Consultant, Consumer Banking Practice, Financial Services & Insurance, Infosys

Sam FelixSam has more than nine years of experience providing appropriate solutions to business problems across various areas, with a special focus on mortgage origination, fulfillment and servicing.

Sam’s blog posts are centered on consumer banking, ‘gamification’ and personal financial management (PFM) solutions.

C Sangeetha

Senior Consultant, Financial Services, Infosys


SangeethaC Sangeetha has over 10 years of professional experience in the IT industry. At Infosys, she works as a business analyst in the banking domain and is instrumental in using her expertise to contribute towards the growth of the domain.

Sangeetha has worked in various projects, handled different types of clients, and is recognized as a banking subject matter expert.

Sangeetha will be sharing her views on topics like financial services.

Saurabh Jain

Client Solution Lead – Financial Services

Saurabh JainAt Infosys, Saurabh caters to business consulting in IT / functional business analysis. Over the last ten years, he has gained expertise in the area of requirements elicitation, system impact analysis, process gap assessment, project delivery, and risk assessment in a multi team / vendor environment. He has been working with Infosys for the past six months.

His blogs will offer insights on topics such as cards and payments, retail banking, fintechs, blockchain, and the internet of things (IoT).

Shivani Aggarwal

Client Solution Manager, Financial Services, Infosys

Shivani AggarwalShivani is currently a Client Solution Manager for financial services at Infosys. In a nine-year career, she has gained a wealth of experience in financial services market research – industry / market trend analysis, peer analysis, company analysis, competition analysis etc.

She has published several thought papers on areas like voice biometrics in banking, big data analytics, and precision marketing in financial services.

Shivani’s interests primarily lie in banking and digital payments among others.

Souna Uthappa

Client Solution Manager, Financial Services, Infosys

Souna UthappaSouna has over 12 years of industry experience. She has played varied roles across finance, proposals / pursuit management, client visits, knowledge management, research, etc. - leading to an enriched professional experience. At Infosys, Souna is currently associated with financial services (FS) and enables leadership, sales, pre-sales, marketing, and domain teams to drive business effectively through proactive and on-demand business development and research services.

Her blog posts will cover the latest technology innovations and trends in the financial services space.

Sourav Dasgupta

Lead Analyst – Macroeconomic Research, Financial Services and Insurance, Infosys

Sourav DasguptaSourav has more than 7 years of specialized experience, 6.8 of which have been spent with Infosys. A Lead Analyst specializing in Macroeconomics and Finance, he leads the US economics offshore team in conducting in-depth and sectoral analysis of the US economy and market.

During his tenure at Infosys, Sourav has been notably recognized for his research on US economy and econometric modeling.

Some of the key elements in Sourav’s blog include macroeconomic developments in the US economy; special interest in labor market, housing sector, and public finance; and an analysis of different modeling frameworks to estimate economic variables.

Sayandeb Banerjee

Practice Lead – FSI Management Consultancy Services, Infosys

Sayandeb BanerjeeWith specializations in global financial markets, global economics, and strategy, Sayandeb Banerjee comes armed with 12 years of experience.

He contributed significantly to global markets research and has provided advisory services to financial institutions across the globe.

Sayandeb will share his insights on global economics, capital markets, and life coaching.

Sravan Kumar Chekurthi

Lead Analyst – Financial Services and Insurance, Strategic Insights, Infosys

Sravan Kumar ChekurthiWith a career spanning close to 6 years, Sravan specializes in credit risk modeling, consumer credit risk portfolio analytics and reporting, credit scoring, and Basel II IRB Modeling for capital computation. He is also experienced in building behavior scorecards for an unsecured retail portfolio and has worked on PD, LGD, and EAD for a consumer portfolio, in compliance with Basel II requirements.

Sravan will share key insights on statistical modeling, building of credit scorecard models, model validation, Basel II, and Basel III.

J Srinivas

Principal Technical Architect, Financial Services & Insurance, Infosys

J SrinivasSrinivas heads the technology and architecture group at Infosys, Bangalore. He is responsible for bringing new technology into applications. He has more than 15 years of IT experience. His areas of interest include object-oriented, distributed technologies and Internet technologies. He has been associated with short cycle projects as a manager and architect.

Srinivas has been working on ‘Agile’ methods for more than six years including consulting, coaching and mentoring. He is exploring the possibility of CMMI and ‘Agile’ compatibility, and propagating ‘Agile’ within the organization.

He will blog on object oriented, high performance computing, ‘Agile’, automation, enterprise architecture and technology.

Tejasvi Addagada

Consultant, Process and Domain consulting, Financial services, Infosys

Tejasvi AddagadaTejasvi Addagada provides domain and process consulting services to financial institutions in the area of consumer banking. He has over seven years of experience in assisting customers achieve their business goals and strategic objectives. His expertise lies in the areas of business analysis, enterprise analysis, process modelling, and process re-engineering. For his services, Tejasvi has won the most valuable player award and Insta awards at Infosys.

In his blog posts, Tejasvi will explore his interests in topics such as domain related industry advancements, strategic recommendations for banks, and digitization and its impact on customers.

Varun Narang

Client Solution Manager, FS - Value Design, Infosys

Varun NarangVarun Narang is currently part of FS VLDN (pre-sales) unit of Infosys, where he is involved in creating request for information (RFI) / request for proposal (RFP) responses. He is also responsible for conducting targeted research that enables leadership, sales, and domain teams to drive business effectively. Overall, he has around 11 years of experience and has been working with Infosys for the past eight years. During these eight years, he has gained expertise in research, consulting, and pre-sales.

His blogs will offer valuable insights on topics such as capital markets, FinTechs, digital banking, and asset management.

Venkatakrishnan Balasubramanian

Research Analyst, Financial Services, Infosys


BalasubramanianVenkatakrishnan Balasubramanian specializes in innovation management and IT management, and works as a research analyst with the Financial Services practice at Infosys. He has more than 15 years of experience in IT that spans across product management, consulting, and technology development. He was a researcher at Infosys Labs for more than nine years and has two granted patents.

Venkatakrishnan will share his insights on innovation, digitization, omni-channel, and IT management.

Vibhash Awasthi

Principal Consultant – Growth Markets Unit, Infosys

Vibhash AwasthiVibhash has ten years of experience in IT consulting in the risk and compliance domain. He has successfully executed projects in this area across geographies.

Vibhash will write on topics such as Basel II and III, credit risk management and credit ratings.

Vikram Srinivasan

Senior Consultant, Financial Services & Insurance, Infosys

Vikram SrinivasanVikram specializes in process and strategy consulting with focus on asset management, risk and compliance, and private and institutional wealth management. He has successfully led and delivered several multi-year business initiatives for clients across geographies. Vikram is also credited with the conceptualization and productization of the Infosys Operational Risk Management Platform (ORM).

Vikram will blog on emerging trends in operational and enterprise risk and asset management.

Vishal Godawat

Associate Consultant – Risk and Compliance Practice, Financial Services & Insurance, Infosys

Vishal GodawatWith more than five years’ experience under his belt, Vishal Godawat understands the many nuances of risk and compliance landscapes. From application development to solution design and business analysis – he has got it all covered.

As an associate consultant, Vishal is credited with successfully designing a solution to enable data privatization for a global bank.

Vishal will blog on emerging trends and challenges in risk and compliance, and on the world of business analysis.

Vivek Bakshi

Associate Engagement Manager – Financial Services and Insurance, Infosys

Vivek BakshiAdept in the fields of consumer lending, mortgage origination, and servicing, Vivek is an Associate Engagement Manager. He has a total of seventeen years of experience in the industry, out of which thirteen have been spent at Infosys.

Vivek has extensive experience in delivering large transformational IT programs across the financial services and insurance industry.

He will share his insights on business transformation, consumer lending, and the mortgage industry.