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Enroll UX 2014 - Enrollment made easy - Part 2

Enroll UX 2014 is an attempt by a public private partnership within the health insurance spectrum, to standardize and enable electronic enrollments. The project had Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), 11 states, 8 health care foundations and a leading global design and innovation firm, IDEO, collaborating to undertake extensive research and design an optimized and effective enrollment portal for Health Insurance Exchanges.


Working on the objectives to make HIX successful through simple, automated enrollment, standardize user interface across different platforms, drive interoperability across States and optimize resource usage to drive down costs, they have developed a first-class user experience (UX) design for exchanges and created a new standard for public & private health insurance enrollment. In my opinion, Enroll UX-2014 provides a great value proposition to different stakeholders in the healthcare chain.


Value Propositions


Value Proposition

State Health Insurance Exchanges


·         Design is not vendor or software or IT platform dependent

·         Guidance to  standardized interface for plan selection and enrollment process

·         Makes the exchange simple, intuitive, and easy to navigate


Government Bodies


·         Flexibility in design allows states to meet unique policy, programmatic, and implementation needs.

·         Scenario based design and interactive prototype simulates the actual online enrollment experience. It is intended to help both federal and state policy authorized professional to understand the flow of the enrollment and plan-selection processes.


End consumer


·         An easy-to-use experience for determining eligibility of coverage, selection and enrollment and payment of premiums.

·         A systematic, quick and cost effective way of enrolling into a plan.


Solution Designers

·         Enrollment system developers can gain better understanding of the workflows with UX 2014 standards and design.

·         Easy to customize in its set of original diagrammatic elements--icons, typography, color palettes, and illustrations.

·         Interoperable with any new or existing system/s.



·         The time to process enrollments is substantially reduced and more effective use of resources through automated processes impacts in reduced costs.



I see Enroll UX 2014 as a simple solution to a much complicated process called enrollment - an effort to make enrollment effortless, exclude redundancy and minimize recurring costs. What do you think?

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