Governments are overwhelmed balancing consumer expectations, aging workforce, regulations, rapid technology change and fiscal deficits. This blog gathers a community of SMEs who discuss trends and outline how public sector organizations can leverage relevant best practices to drive their software-led transformation and build the future of technology – today!


April 13, 2012

Meeting the Cloud Imperative

While there have been many discussions around Cloud Computing, the adoption has been slow among public sector organizations. Despite plethora of information available around Cloud, State leaders still have differing viewpoints on how Cloud can help, how it can be compliant, how could security issues be addressed, which governance model would work best, how to identify and track outcomes and most importantly, how to procure these services quickly. Even the early adopters on cloud have started stumbling on what next after email migration. There is also a clear trend emerging that makes mobility and Cloud go hand in hand, thereby allowing applications to be less dependent on internal infrastructure and more universally accessible on a plethora of devices, where information can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

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