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Wireless banking is on the move ...why not Wireless Healthcare??

Mobile banking, Mobile payment and Mobile commerce are the phenomenon roaring across the world. Banking industry has been constantly ahead of others in terms of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) investment to drive its businesses. On analyzing the typical characteristics of the banking and financial industry, it will be clear why this industry has been so progressive as far as ICT adoption goes.

It’s humongous scale cannot be effectively managed without usage of Information technologies. The industry’s highly transaction oriented nature and need to be highly competitive in market place is accelerating the adoption of technology. Banking enterprise needs to differentiate in all respect like speed of innovation, faster time to market, quality of service, customer relation management, secured transactions, regulatory compliance, transparency in process etc. all of which can be well addressed by adoption of ICT. 

All of the above mentioned points led this industry to heavily invest in ICT in core business processes over the years and now it’s ready for leveraging advances in wireless communication technologies despite various challenges. Prior investments in Information systems are helping this industry to quickly enable wireless channels for customers as well as their own employees.

Looking at the healthcare industry one cannot say it’s not adopting ICT, in fact quality of ICT Innovation in healthcare enterprise is at much more advanced level than banking. If one looks at areas such as Wireless sensors based BAN, Home monitoring and whole technology area around telemedicine etc. it will be evident that this industry is thriving with innovations. But when it comes to adoption in real life environment, apart from regulation and information security concerns, change management from provider’s & payer’s perspective becomes real inhibitors to adopt various advances in technology. Due to more personalized and consultative nature of this industry, conventional ways of doing things get more favor than newer technology and tools. Also innovation is happening in more fragmented way which is failing to deliver comprehensive value to customers.

Wait a minute! Things are not so gloomier either, there are pockets of areas wherein Healthcare industry is quickly adopting IT, like Electronic health records, Pay for Performance, Hospital Performance and Capacity management etc. Recent stimulus is also helping these institutions to accelerate IT adoption. This will improve communication and information flow, but to get the most out of the ICT, there is also need of adopting pervasive wireless technologies to make the above system more effective via enabling them anytime anywhere.

In a recent study conducted, physicians often neglected electronic messages alerting them of abnormal diagnostic imaging test results. Of the 1,196 alerts examined, 18 percent went unopened for two weeks, and nearly 8 percent were ignored for at least four weeks. Some of the patients that didn't get proper follow-up, eventually were diagnosed with cancer. In above scenario, by appropriate usage of anytime anywhere wireless technologies and automated workflows, the things could have improved drastically. We are already witnessing strong wireless adoption trends, wherein younger generation is quickly adopting newer technologies. Recent report project that by 2012, four in five physicians will carry a smart phone- a business critical tool. With this trend, technology will become integral part of physician workflow and Physician will able to carry out most of his/her professional activities via smart phones.

Indeed, wireless has arrived in healthcare and it’s just matter of time to become vital part of healthcare business processes. So healthcare organization need to put comprehensive wireless technology adoption plan as part of their strategic business road map.

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