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May 25, 2012

Insurance Exchanges - What should you focus on?

With the healthcare reform, payers are now targeting the large base of uninsured and underinsured in the US market. Accountable care act mandates that every individual must be insured by 2014. This opportunity opens a significant market to the carriers.Some States initiated the steps towards setting up state exchanges. Some are opting for a Federal Exchange. Some states will also see setting up of private exchanges.

What should payors do to participate in the Accountable Care Organization model?

Though a lot of payers are still apprehensive about the success of the ACO model, a few payers including large national commercial plans and Blues have adopted the model and are moving ahead to capitalize on the opportunities. Adopting an ACO model is a transformational change for payers and will require substantial planning and preparation. This would involve changes across systems, people and processes.

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