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Social Media Adoption in Health Insurance Industry - Part 2

The payor organizations are facing major challenges which prevent them from the widescale adoption of  social media. In this blog we will briefly touch upon on some of these key challenges.

• Tagging, Monitoring and Archival of employees' posts in social media - Organizations often lack suitable processes and systems to keep control over tagging, monitoring and archiving the their own employees' postings in social media. The organizations need to block any content that is clearly not as per organization standards. Most often the organizations including payors lack an internal social media policy which is a common challenge faced by all organizations. 

• Controlling  the negative posts from the policyholders and partners - For many payors, it is highly possible their brands are being represented without their involvement and maybe even without their knowledge, much less their participation and guidance. Management of brand and image is crucial for all insurance organizations. Organizations that are not actively managing their image in social media will find their employees and customers misusing it through various social media postings and the perception generated by social media can be negative.

• Handling appropriately  policyholder's feedbacks - Most of online consumers want the organizations to have a social media presence. These are the consumers who are going away from the customary  sources of information, such as advisers and brokers, to seek the online views of fellow consumers on price and product or service performance.

• Complying to regulatory laws in the product advertisement and branding - The laws surrounding social media for the health insurance industry continue to evolve. The management of social media, and the content of the posting and platforms used, have become much more difficult for the insurance organizations today due to evolving and stringent regulatory laws.

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