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Social Media Adoption in Health Insurance Industry - Blog 3

In the previous blog (Social Media Adoption in Health Insurance Industry - Blog 2), we had discussed the various challenges that are preventing the payors from a widespread adoption of social media.
In this current blog, we will focus on how to address those challenges. Following are few of the key solution approaches that can be thought of.
• Adoption of Enterprise Social Media policy
• Right selection of tools or packages
• Implementation and Integration with existing capability
• Social Media Risk Management
We will elaborate, to start with the discussion, on the importance and criticality of an enterprise social media policy in this blog.

Framing the enterprise social media policy -

It is critical to establish policies, structures and ownership at the organizational level to manage usage of social media more effectively.  At some point after the organization starts using social media, the required team can be established to develop policies, guidelines, standards for the organization.
The laws (such as HIPAA) published by the regulatory authorities in healthcare industries will provide crtitical inputs to the creation  of the corporate social media policy of an organization. We will need to involve the various stakeholders in the healthcare value chain who will have specific view points and will form important parts of the the policy.

Sales  and New Business - The enterprise social media policy dictates what can be advertised as far as the Insurance Organization's product and plans are concerned.

Underwriting - The insurers need to come up with a clear policy guideline restricting/enabling underwriters /agents capture the member data  in the social netwroking sites as appropriate.

Claims Investigation - Insurers need to be cautious in coming up with an ethical approach in accessing the data present in the public domain for claims investigation.

Customer Service - The customer service department uses social media (such as facebook) and encourages the members to narrate the good service experiences. The corporate social media policy dictates who can represent the organizations and how to respond to replies from the members. 

Marketing - The policy establishes a formal review process before any publication in the social media. Social media is one of key marketing and communcation strategies which is being increasingly adopted by the insurers and agencies. The corporate social media policy dictates the process keeping in view the various regulatory rules.

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