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Care Management: Innovations and Trends - Empowered Member

Care Management programs are designed and executed to enhance care co-ordination, reduce cost while improving the quality of care. Howsoever well these programs are implemented; the changing market dynamics imposes new challenges, which needs continuous evaluation and innovative ways to increase the effectiveness of care management programs.  Let's explore some of the recent innovations and trends in care management.

Empowered Member
One of the key focus areas for healthcare organizations is chronic care management. As America is aging, the population with multiple chronic conditions in growing.

78% of Medicare beneficiaries have 2 or more chronic conditions & 14% have 6 or more chronic conditions(2)

One of the measures to control healthcare cost is to shift the care setting from expensive hospital-based healthcare to home-based healthcare. Self-management support is vital in enabling individuals with multiple chronic conditions to learn how to manage their overall health and make informed and intuitive decisions about care. It is most effective when patients have access to clinicians who are skilled in accommodating such self management supports. The systems and processes used by such healthcare organizations empower both the patient and caregivers.

Examples of self management tools -
• Online Health Education Materials
• Durable Medical devices like blood pressure cuffs, peak flow meter, etc
• Health Education Videos & Games
• Mobile Apps with health trackers
• Online Communities and Social networks

Telehealth programs have proved cost effective way for actively managed patient conditions in real time by connecting members to healthcare support and management tools from their home. Usage of biometric sensors & wireless communication devices have helped physicians keep track of patient's health conditions. Remote consultation via video conferencing has effectively delivered care to people who are disabled or live in remote areas.

50% of seniors and 57% of boomers are open to using self-monitoring, or remote health monitoring technology, which sends information to doctors(3)

Though there are many innovative ways to implement successful Care management programs, engaging & empowering the member effectively should be the key strategy. Today, we learnt how self-managed and well-connected member is vital to chronic care management.  In my next blog, I will explore some more trends such as advent of personal touch and social media in successful care management programs.

References -
1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Rising Health Care Costs Are Unsustainable. April 2011
2. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Chronic Conditions among Medicare Beneficiaries, Chartbook, 2012 Edition. Baltimore, MD. 2012.
3. US Consumer Survey of 2012 by Deloitte


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