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Social Media Adoption in Health Insurance Industry - Blog 5

In the previous blogs, we had discussed on the few key solution approaches to meet the challenges that are preventing the healthcare payors from a widespread adoption of social media. The list included the following.
• Adoption of Enterprise Social Media policy
• Right selection of tools or packages
• Implementation and Integration with existing capability
• Social Media Risk Management

I had elaborated on the importance and criticality of Evaluation and Selection of Social Media Tools in the previous blog (Social Media Adoption in Health Insurance Industry - Blog 4). I will continue the discussion in this blog and focus on Implementation and Integration Social Media tools with existing capability in a payor enterprise.

Integration of social media with the existing capability happens at multiple levels such as business process, technology and people.

Integration with Sales processes -  The payors collect and anlayse the sales leads generated by various advertisement channels such as surveys, webcasts, e-mails, paid search, website banner advertising for the group and individual members. The prospect information is then sent to brokers and Agencies who then contact the leads and covert into a deal.

Integration with Market and Product Research capability -  The payors aggregate, analyze and act upon member information derived from online surveys, call center records, Twitter, Facebook and blogs to design and manage the member experience on multiple channels while identifying future product and service needs.
Integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system - The social media tools can be planned to be integrated with the legacy customer relationship management  systems, using tools which provides real-time , unified access to information across internal systems and external online or social media.
Integration with Social Data Enrichment Services - Payors will need to assess the potential value of emerging social data enrichment services, such as RapLeaf and Flowtown. These emerging data providers crawl the social web, integrate information about individuals, then sell the data and related insights to the Payors.
Integration with Electronic Health Record (EHR) system  - Social Media tools are now  integrated with EHR applications which will equip Payors and healthcare providers communicate better with the members and vice versa.  

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