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October 31, 2011

Scope for leveraging IT in establishing patient centred care in an ACO

Better care for individuals is one of the important goals for the ACOs in the Shared Savings Program as established by the Affordable Care Act. This highest-level goal also known as the three-part aim consists of the following:
•Better care for individuals - As described in the Institute of Medicine report, it has six dimensions of quality: Safety, effectiveness, patient-centeredness, timeliness, efficiency and equity
•Better health for populations with respect to educating beneficiaries about the upstream causes of ill health
•Lower the expenditures by eliminating waste and inefficiencies while not withholding any needed care that helps beneficiaries

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August 3, 2009

Enterprise Data analytics: Breaking department silos

Organization departments have tendency work in silos and Healthcare Providers are no exception to this.  A leading insurance provider firm in USA was venturing into a new business in Canada and the IT team was busy working on the system requirements for the new business. The CIO sought this opportunity to make maximum out of the capital budget to invest in latest rules engine and custom application development. There was no consideration given to the revenue targets onto this new business or ROI on the IT system investment. Out of curiosity when I asked the CIO, his response was “ROI clouds the mind in any decision making. My priority is to ensure work for my team and have the systems in place to support business. It’s for business SMEs to extract maximum out of the system. This is what I call working in silos of departments by achieving individual department goals.

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May 22, 2009

Collaborative Performance : Making supply chain costs an hospital-wide responsibility

Over the past decade, hospitals have invested their resources in automation of both the clinical and non-clinical processes. The current economic situation will force hospitals to be more cost-efficient and improve operations. Hospital leaders may be restricted to new investments in information technology and will be mandated to reap benefits from current investments. Collaborating Supply Chain and Revenue Cycle functions provide single point of visibility of key metrics for hospital leadership, which will enable efficient real-time decision making; and improve hospital-wide performance.

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