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Architecture and Design considerations for BPM using SOA

In today’s enterprise business processes are often created from services. Creation of business process from services has been greatly facilitated by platforms providing run times for business process languages (e.g. BPML, BPEL etc) and architectural paradigms like SOA. These platforms and software components greatly facilitate development, deployment, monitoring, NFR requirements management and life cycle management of services/processes. Usage of services for creation of business processes has distinct benefits in terms of extensibility of process/ service, managing SLA, implementing change back models at finer level of granularity etc to name a few.  In order to address such varied requirements practitioner architects often come up with ingenuous architectures or design to address an overall requirement or a specific issue.
Frankly, a given solution can be trivial or elegant architectural proposition, but valuable all the same and hence the need for sharing such best practices with larger community. I will be discussing on architectures/ components/ tips for BPM implementations using SOA.
I am looking forward to the Designer, Architect and practitioner community to share their unique experiences, in terms of business requirement and proposed architectural and design considerations in BPM solutions.

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