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Can BPM support you in your Compliance Challenge?

A BPM based solution enables the design, analysis, optimization and automation of business processes. BPM separates process logic and rules from the execution engines, manages relationships between individuals and applications, and monitors performance.
One of the major challenges the organizations are facing today are growing requirements for managing compliance to various standards and frameworks.  These compliance standards include both regulatory (SOX,HIPPA) and Non regulatory (COBIT,CMMI,ISO). Regulatory compliance is a must for the organization, non compliance to the regulatory standards will have huge liabilities to the company and to the senior leadership. Compliance to the non regulatory standards is more strategic in nature and it will provide distinct advantages for accomplishing objectives of the organization.
Over the years the number of such compliance standards (both regulatory and non regulatory) have increased.
Some of the Key challenges are
• Managing conflicting versions of data which is spread across the enterprise.
• Dependence on non automated systems- many companies rely on sheer manpower, In spite of advances in technology, companies maintain many of their systems outside the domain of Automation.
• Changes in processes and definition
• Combination of Automated Process and Manual process pose a challenge in collecting the data for  consolidating
• Managing Compliance periodically, Compliance is not a one-time event
• Multiple standards and frameworks
Appropriate application of BPM based solution will support in managing your compliance challenge. What you need is shift in your mind-set from working hard to working smart.


There are cases where BPM is used due to compliance as compliance requirements are ever changing and BPM supports agile processes well.

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