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Connecting Aristotle to Distributed Security..

It may come as a long shot for people to think of connecting the legendary philosopher Aristotle to a topic like Distributed Systems Security..

However, as our book reveals some of the classic works in related works like philosophical logic, propounded by Aristotle forming the basis of the modern day

Solutions and algorithms for distributed systems security..


Modern day distributed systems are highly heterogeneous, and complex with emergence of divergent technologies like grid computing, service oriented computing, and most prevalently Web based computing, and most computing..


The quest for openness, transparency, scalability,  heterogeneity, and resource sharing are key concerns in modern day distributed systems which shape up the security requirements for these systems.


Keeping an enterprise focus, with a view to address these complex abovementioned requirements , a structured tiered framework for modern day distributed systems security is proposed in the book, while enumerating a detailed set of detailed consideration of issues, solutions, standards and processes in each tier.

Unique to the book include innovative approaches to explaining concepts like XML firewall via detailed deconstruction, exploration of unique techniques like logic based approaches. It is this connection,  the connection of Aristotle to Distributed Systems security emerges, namely  in a solution titled “Proof Carrying Code”, for host security which involves the notion of embedding an aristotlean logic based proof as a mechanism for trust establishment in transient code scenarios..


Read on for further details  in the book Distributed Systems Security: Issues, Processes and Solutions, by Wiley..





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