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DMaaS on the Cloud: Requirement

Cloud computing is an emerging computing paradigm that was innovated to deploy cost effective solutions over Internet. Companies such as Google, IBM, Amazon, Yahoo and Intel have already started providing computing infrastructures for its intend use. On the other hand, organizations have started porting their data and applications to cloud in order to reap the benefits of this new paradigm.  This necessitates a well-defined data migration service (DMaaS) over cloud. Moreover, organizations have to rely on cloud in order to handle security and privacy issues for their data assets. Some of these can be overcome by building a private cloud and given a cloud with certain amount of data, we need solutions to migrate this data to another cloud.

Thus, various scenarios can be visualized for migrating data with-in and around cloud: (i) enterprise to cloud data migration and vice versa and (ii) inter-cloud data migration.

Please share your views on DMaaS.


Hi, I am working on my PhD Research in Data Mining as a Service on Cloud for Mobile Business Intelligence Applications.

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