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Human Workflows in BPM - Post 3

The first set of human workflow can be categorized under Process level tasks

Process level tasks are used by BPM system administrators and users either to manage a process life cycle related events or get visibility into the process.
 * Process Deployment and Undeployment: A human with required credentials interacts with  a process engine to either deploy or undeploy a process.

 * Process Staged Deployment: A human participant is given authority to deploy a process   in a BPM engine however the process is not available for execution unless it has been   approved by another human participant or a set of human participants. 

 * Process Administration: A human participant interacts with a process instance or a set  of process instances to manage run time administration tasks such as initiating a  process instance, monitoring process instances, terminating a process instance and  altering scheduling parameters.

 * Process Visibility: A human participant (administrator or business user) interacts  with a process to get information on the following:

  -The overall execution status of a process i.e. number of pending and executed     activities and their state.

  - All pending activities across multiple process instances for a human     participant and their dependent activities which are allocated to other human   participants.
  -All pending activities for a human participant and their impact on process SLA.
  All activities allocated to subordinate roles and their execution status.

 Though these set of activities may not constitute business interaction pattern, all the same these functions are often requested as a part of functional specifications in BPM projects.


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