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Human Workflows in BPM -Post 6

In continuation with my earlier post, the third type of Human workflow pattern in Task execution is termed as Asynchronous one way request.

* Asynchronous one way request:  A human participant interacts with a process by sending one way request. The human participant does not anticipate any response from the process or interfaces which are subsequently called from the executing process. This type of task is usually used in the following scenarios:

1. Communicating completion of some external/offline human task to a business process.
2. Communicating completion of some system task where the system does not possess the capability to interact with the business process (hence the need for human intervention to indicate completion of task) .
3. Communicating completion of some process task to external system where the system works in a batch mode (e.g. checks for message or file after certain duration indicating completion of task).

Asynchronous one way request is useful in dealing with legacy systems or offline human task integration with workflows.

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