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Business Architecture Series: Define Business Architecture in 140 words

Was reading through the book Re-imagine! by Tom Peters. In the foreword, he defines/explains short and sweet “what is an Enterprise”. I quote him here: “Enterprise at its best is…… emotional, vital, innovative, joyful, creative, entrepreneurial endeavor that elicits maximum concerted human potential in pursuit of Excellence and the wholehearted provision of services to others”. An amazing abstraction defining what is an Enterprise.

Would like to attempt an elevator pitch type’s definition for Enterprise Business Architecture (EBA). In one of my previous research publication, an attempt to define EBA was made:  EBA can be defined as, “the structure of business related components and the manner in which these components interrelate among themselves and other architectures viz., data, application, technology, to create business value”.

In my another research publication, an attempt to define Applied EBA was made: Applied EBA can be defined as, “an organization’s blueprint that helps in formalizing and analyzing business motivation and business behavior; it also helps in monitoring strategy execution for specific business scenarios in order to create better business value”.

I make another attempt here to be even more short and sweet or rather crispier: “Business Architecture is all about blueprinting business motivation, business behavior and business execution; it is 30% motivation architecture, 50% process architecture and 20% performance architecture”

I shall continue to define in depth business architecture in upcoming blogs………

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