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Business Architecture Series: Who is a business architect?

Sometime before, I wrote in another forum, regarding the hot topic of ‘Who is a business architect (BA)’ – what is the underlying ability a consultant should have in order to qualify as a business architect? These are the following options I listed down:


1)    Is BA is a person who has considerable amount of experience (around 8 to 10 years) in business decision making - have been part of strategy development and corporate planning and finally turned out to be architect advising/consulting EA initiatives of organizations?

2)    Is BA is Business Analyst turned Architect (more like technical analyst/system analyst turned IT Architect) over a standard amount of experience (5 + years) in business analysis, requirements engineering and process modeling?

3)    Is BA is a "management consultant" who has knowledge/capabilities on helping organizations/business units decide their strategic objectives; a person with considerable amount (5+ years) of experience in appreciating business motivation (goal/objective/strategy/tactics), business situation (market trends, economic conditions etc) and business project management?

4)    Is he an IT project manager turned BA over a considerable amount of experience (12+years) in handling multiple IT projects/application releases and who is having a bend towards understanding business? A person who can appreciate business needs and IT delivery?

5)    An EA who has performed mostly application architecture, information architecture and technology architecture for a considerable amount of time (10 + years) and currently consults for BA?

6)    Or simply a BA is an internal resource of the organization, who, has been groomed by the EA program or participated heavily on business decision making and corporate planning as well financial planning functions?

The answer is a mix and match of all these things and each one of them qualifies to become a Business Architect. This is more towards a role specification for being a business architect – I shall talk about the essential things (subject and concepts) business architect should be aware of soon………….

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