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A Step towards Cloud Interoperability : Open Data Center Alliance

With the turn of technological revolution by Cloud Computing ,the race to become the leader in the same has given birth to some new problems.

The most immediate problem is lack of "Cloud Interoperability" .i.e the ability to use the same resources across variety of clouds. But every cloud service provider player has come up with their own unique way of inter - cloud application interaction or user interaction . This process of creating and using the isolated & different APIs has become a constraint for the user.As this has limited the choice of clouds , vendors and respective instruments .Thus the inter connectivity between the different clouds can become difficult. Moreover it has defeated the concepts of portability and integration. And will surely lead to the fragmentation of clouds.

To overcome this hegemonic hurdle the 70 major IT user groups (like Lockheed Martin, BMW, China Life, Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan Chase, Marriott, the National Australia Bank, Shell and UBS) whose total IT spending is more than $50 billion ,have joined hands under the name of "Open Data Center Alliance".

As per the official website ( "The Open Data Center Alliance is an independent consortium comprised of leading global IT managers who have come together to resolve key IT challenges and fulfill cloud infrastructure needs into the future by creating an open, vendor-agnostic Usage Model Roadmap."

So the Open Data Center Alliance will bargain to ensure interoperability across core technologies related to network and cloud.And we can expect a bright and INTEGRATED future for the clouds.

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