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Scripting web services using Load Runner

Web services is a standardized way of interacting with Web-based applications using the XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI open standards over an Internet protocol.During the web service scripting you may come across various road blocks. Based on the project experience some points to be noted while scripting web services are mentioned below. Load Runner was used to script the web service operations in this exercise.

-          The major challenge faced, was the on-going modification of wsdl files once scripting has already commenced. Ensure that the wsdl provided is updated with all  requirements, as  this would eliminate the rework effort.

-          Web service operations,for which the request passes through XML gateway would require SSL security certificate to be installed in the Load Runner systems.After certificate installation and scripting, when we run the script a pop-up window would appear. In order to avoid the pop-up,uncheck "enable strong private key protection" checkbox in the certificate import wizard while installing the SSL certificate.

-          The web service request xml would be truncated if the request has large number of parameters.In order to avoid this issue, increase the tree-view request body limit from the default value specified, i.e. 2047.To change the value, go to run time settings -> Preferences - > Options.Increase in this value would display the request xml properly without truncation.

-          A major issue we came across was that wsdl could not be imported to Load Runner.It was found that the wsdl if not compiled properly, would result in this issue and hence ensure that wsdl obtained is working.


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