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Uncomplicating HPC using technology aids

Ok, so we understand that HPC is noteworthy. But if we said parallel computing is complex then achieving HPC is definetely no easy game. The industry offering to simplify HPC is growing and HPC cluster management software is an interesting technology that is doing its bit to ease HPC adoption. To put simply, HPC comes into play when there is typically a cluster of parallel hardware that needs to be used efficiently. And cluster management becomes crucial in order to effectively use and administer the cluster.

Amongst the key players in the HPC cluster management space is Microsoft with its Window HPC Server 2008. This incredibly user-friendly and powerful solution from Microsoft, comprises of a Job Scheduler, MPI support and cluster administration including monitoring facilities for a multicore environment. Built on Windows Server 2008 64-bit OS, HPC Server can efficiently scale to thousands of processing cores, efficiently scheduling jobs on the cluster and providing user-friendly console to monitor and manage this cluster. As a scheduler, it can efficiently schedule jobs by balancing the load based on one of these resources in the HPC cluster:
1) Node wise
2) Port wise
3) Core wise

HPC Server comes as a free add-on to Windows Server 2008 R2 and is very handy to easily bring in HPC for an embarrassingly parallel application that is aiming to leverage the full power of the underlying cluster. But wait, let me clarify. Sequential applications whose operations are embarrassingly parallel can be HPC-enabled by employing HPC Server. When there is an inherent parallelism in a sequential application, it is possible for it to effectively run on a HPC cluster with the help of HPC Server, without having to rewrite it to make it parallel. That's a treat, I must say. I hope you find this as awesome as I do.


Interesting read on HPC. The entire series is very good. Thank you, Gyan

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