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Infosys @ Nvidia GPU Technology Conference 2012

Hi There, 

I am super excited to tell you that I will be presenting some of the work that the High Performance Computing team @ Infosys has been doing using GPUs at the annual Nvidia GPU Technology Conference at the McEnery Convention Center in  San Jose, CA. While the conference itself kicks of in a few hours from now, the Infosys talks are scheduled on 16th, i.e. Wednesday.

The first talk is titled "Fast Adaptive Sampling Technique For Multi-Dimensional Integral Estimation Using GPUs". This is happening in Marriot Ball Room 3 at 2:30 PM.

The second talk is titled "GPU Based Stacking Sequence Optimization For Composite Skins Using GA". This talk is happening in Room K at 3 PM.

The subject of the first talk is an algorithm called VEGAS. VEGAS is a variance reduction technique that hastens convergence of a Monte-Carlo integration. This algorithm has wide applications from Computational Finance to High Energy Physics.

The subject of the second talk is a genetic algorithm that's at the heart of aircraft wing manufacturing. Modern aircraft wings are manufactured using composite materials. Sheets of these materials have to be overlaid on top of one another such that ability of the wing to sustain high stress in flight is maximized while at the same time minimizing violations of constraints that dictate what's an admissible ordering of the materials. 

I will elaborate on these short summaries of these two talks in subsequent blog posts over the next couple of days.

If you are going to be at GTC, kindly make it convenient to attend these talks. I will glad to meet you and tell you all the good work that we have been doing in the area of GPU computing in our labs and I would be equally excited to know about some of the coolest ways in which you are using GPUs too or else leave us a comment here on the blog. I will get back to you and we can engage in some geekery. 


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