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Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is a web of intercommunicating devices talking to each other over different physical media, channels and protocols. It is based on the paradigm of 'everyware', a combination of pervasive computing and ambient intelligence. IoT or Machine to Machine (M2M) technologies include sensors, actuators, RFIDs, smart plugs, smart meters, etc. with wireless communication capabilities.

So far, the Internet has been used to connect with friends and family, get information, conduct transactions, and of course, for entertainment. However, the next wave of Internet usage will enable you to connect with the physical objects and things around you. Picture a tomorrow where an app on your mobile phone will help you locate your car keys or a medicine bottle will track your dosage. Tomorrow everyday objects will come alive and you will control them over the Internet to make your life better.

Owing to 'Internet of things', the everyday objects ranging from electrical appliances to what you wear, what/where you drive, what you read/see and anything humanely perceptible will be more addressable and controllable (over the Internet).

The implications of such an intelligent network where even the most miniscule objects can be accessed and/or controlled are only limited by one's imagination.

Moving forward, maximum traction for IoT is seen in the following verticals:
  - Workplaces and Smart Homes
  - Healthcare and Hospitals
  - Manufacturing and Industry
  - Transportation, Supply Chain and Logistics
  - Public Safety and Emergency Services
  - Utilities and Smart Grids
  - Retail, Education and Insurance

Evidently, the space of IoT is immense and the opportunity huge.                  

50 billion devices will be connected to web by 2020 - Ericsson

One of the six disruptive technologies of this century - US Intelligence Council

M2M services will generate nearly $17 billion in worldwide connectivity revenues in 2016, with a CAGR of about 34% over the next five years - Forrester

IBM with its Smarter Planet concept, Qualcomm and HP with Internet of Everything and CeNSE Project, respectively, have announced their entry in the domain in a big way. Ericsson is working on its Social Web of Things, and the networking giant Cisco on Cisco's Planetary Skin.

In a future reigned by 'Internet of Things', there are a plethora of technologies and facilitators which provide much momentum. Going by the market trends and technology evolution, the day is not far when a world without 'Internet of Things'/'Machine-to-Machine communication' will be hard to imagine.

As clear thus far, most of the companies and business leaders understand its immensely huge potential. No wonder, most technology titans, including us, are actively pursuing the space of 'Internet of Things'.

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