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In Healthcare Innovation, One Size Does Not Fit All


Irrespective of which entity is primarily responsible for delivering healthcare in any country, some of the biggest challenges such entities face are the challenges of affordability, accessibility and quality. Developing and underdeveloped countries are grappling with issues related to accessibility and quality, while the developed countries are trying to contain healthcare cost which is rising faster than their GDP growth. Emerging and underdeveloped countries are facing severe funding constraints and issues of non-existent infrastructure of men, machine and material, whereas developed countries like the US are spending 17 percent of their GDP on healthcare, expense which is rising steadily. Longevity, rising incidence of chronic conditions, rising consumerism and changing lifestyles are contributing to the rise in healthcare cost. So, different regions in the world are manifesting problems of accessibility, quality and affordability in different ways.


The underlying context of these problems vary vastly by country and its economic development, prevalent business and payment models, regulations, attitude towards technology and usage of technology, education, and more. There are significant opportunities to innovate in every dimension of healthcare in all these contexts. However, one approach would not work for all and therefore innovations have to be contextual. To read more, click here 

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