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DynaTrace - Application Performance Management Solution

DynaTrace Software is a leading application performance management tool and is being widely used.It comes with advanced features for monitoring Java and .NET applications, which aids to identify bottlenecks or errors in the application easily.PurePath technology used in DynaTrace provides end-to-end transaction level details; from browser, across all tiers and database.It helps to uncover performance issues even at the code level and also details of transactions invoking external services.This tool detects abnormalities in response time, transaction rate, throughput and system usage.


DynaTrace introduced to performance testing and performance engineering has helped to diagnose and fix many performance issues at an early stage.Its ability to dig deep even to code level aids in root cause analysis of the issue.

For example, provided below is the purepath  snapshot of a transaction which took high response time. i.e. > 93 seconds.[SLA : 2 seconds]Just a click on the transaction name and DynaTrace drills down to the exact web service operation, checkoutItem and displays the exact child method which consumes time.




DynaTrace helps in optimizing the performance of web, non-web, mobile, streaming and cloud applications.It supports VMWare and EC2 based clouds. This can be integrated with major testing tools like LoadRunner and SilkPerformer. Dashboards which can be customized according to the requirement is another feature of this tool that aids reporting.

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