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Journey towards Adaptive Care

Historically healthcare has been intermittent and reactive in nature. Even in today's world of digital, mobile, and technological breakthroughs (both medical sciences and ICT) when it comes to personal care people tends to follow a reactive to disease approach. That might be suitable for a sick care scenario but journey towards continuous and proactive healthcare will require a more connected environment, personalization, better patient experience, home care, and predictive medications. Rather than relying on intermittent data for diagnostics decision, patient should be at the center of care system which will give a complete view of the patient's biological, physical, mental status.

Technology Talk

We are living in an era of digital transformation where technological innovation is occurring at an exponential rate. Healthcare is not devoid of it, in last few years' adoptability and usage of wearable bands and devices, smart watches, biometric sensors, insidables, IoT sensors, smart mirrors, AR/VR technologies for healthcare related application has increased significantly. As per survey conducted by Accenture (consumer survey on digital health):

  • Between 2014-18, 33% rise in wearable usage and 48 % rise in mobile health
  • Over 60% of 60+ age group willing to use wearable monitoring devices
  • About 1 in 5 respondents approve health related AI
  • More and more people are willing to use technology for immediate and virtual care services. But, lack of interoperability, continuous data, and common platform makes the devices function in isolation. So today the calorie data by fitbit, and body temp by a biometric sensor gets captured, analyzed, and consumed separately. An integrated system seamlessly leveraging all the user devices would lay the foundation of adaptive care and enable us for next gen technologies around genomics, AI led decision support, nano-tech, brain computer interface, 3D printed tissues & organs, precision medicine etc.

    Adaptive care

    An adaptive care system would combine intelligent agents, smart devices, human actions with cognitive algorithms to optimally sense and respond to changes in parameters and suggest best course of action. It can be envisaged as a home or patient care facility equipped with wearable bands and devices, smart watches, biometric sensors, insideables, IoT sensors, smart mirrors, connected medical devices, AR/VR to create a network with seamless user interaction with surroundings. Broadly it would serve

  • Lifestyle care: Recommendation of Food, level of waters and liquids
  • Fitness care: Setting up workout routine, Tracking Calories
  • Personal Care: Maintenance of Hygiene, Remote monitoring
  • Medical Care: Alert on Spikes & Doctor Appointment, Virtual Care
  • The adaptive system will work on the principal of Sense, Analyze, and Response. Wherein the response would vary from person to person based on to the network inputs, current state of patient, and historical trends. As system learns more about the patient it will provide more and more personalized recommendation and suggestions. For example, normal body temperate varies for different persons, 99F can be normal for person A, whereas 97F for person B; so if morning body temp touches 100F, system's response would be different for person A and B. The adaptive care would lead way for the continuous and proactive healthcare from current sick care and reactive mode.

    Adaptive care will have multifaceted delivery modes which can be crafted into different service offering models.

      • Care a service (Smart homes & Hospitals)
      • Care as a system (Medical equipment manufacturers)
      • Care as a Network Data (Insurance companies & Doctors)

    Persona Journey

    Adaptive care will provide a continuous and effective cover around our daily lifestyle to enable us to avoid and better handle possible ailments and keep us at 100%. Illustration in Fig A shows a futuristic vision of Adaptive care; with adaptive care continuous and proactive tracking of health will be new normal.


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