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Future of Personalized Assistant

The adoption and usage of smart assistants is gaining popularity with more and more people using google, apple, or amazon assistants for navigation, searching, scheduling, doing mails etc. With advent of new age of communication and application based digital economy the usage smart assistants will be ubiquitous. Apart from helping people in their day to day repetitive tasks smart assistants will eventually integrate into our lives as our alter egos. But that might take couple of decades to become reality. 
Other take is how smart assistants can help us in learning new skills or moderate our actions to improve existing capability?  In today's world smart assistants can certainly act as information or knowledge provider; can they go beyond and play the role of personalized coach? Well, the answer is yes; with growing power of data processing and advancements in ML and AI techniques smart assistants are poised to take up such roles. By leveraging right sets of data we might be able to infuse capabilities human personas of champions of fields in the smart assistants. Imagine someone is working on a presentation note that needs to be rearticulated, and he takes the help of an assistant which is powered by Shahi Tharoor like grip in English language. Or a guy preparing a desert recipe gets culinary suggestions from Sanjeev Kapoor; or a young tennis player is getting backhand shot tips from Federer.
However, multiple challenges from technical feasibility of such assistants remains. Nevertheless, such avatar of personas enabling exclusive assess of their (champion of the field) capabilities to everybody can be next evolution step for smart assistants. Thereby fundamentally changing the way we interact and leverage them. These Avatars powered with multi facets interaction capabilities like text, speech, natural language, gesture, extended reality, as well as haptic interfaces will extend the boundaries of association, experience, and application.
Apart from the consumer centric applications mentioned above personalized assistants have multiple opportunities in enterprise environment as well. Areas such as asset monitoring and installation, safety training, maintenance work, employee upskill-reskill etc. have multiple touchpoints where smart assistants can complement the enterprise users for efficiency and effectiveness. Moreover, in any field or industry there is always need for coaches, and what can be better than the very champion of the subject being the coach, very own personalized assistant paving the learning path for employees.  Industries like engineering, utilities, construction, manufacturing can leverage personalized assistants to optimize workforce productivity and resource utilization.
Whether it is individual user or enterprise user the relevance and important of smart assistant will increase significantly in upcoming years. And the essence of the new age assistants will be personalized Avatars. So, boarding the bus of smart assistant evolution should be key focus for system integrator to be in race for enterprise adoption as well as relevant among Googles of the world.

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