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Blogger Profiles

Abby Antony

Senior Associate Consultant, INFCAT

Abby AntonyAbby is an emerging technology consultant working with iCETS (Infosys Center of Emerging Technology Solutions) and his main focus areas are driving emerging trends research for businesses, preparing thought leadership articles, and enabling stakeholder interactions. Before joining iCETS, he was part of the Strategy, Planning and Operations (SPO) team for Enterprise Application Services (EAS), providing insights through market research, competitor intelligence and pipeline analysis in the EAS space. Prior to his stint with Infosys, Abby was working with TCS as part of the Global Integrate Support Team providing round-the-clock support for applications used for trading, equity order management and OTC trades. He will be publishing blog posts on topics related to emerging technologies.

Akanksha Rajendra Singh

Senior Associate Consultant, Infosys

Akanksha Rajendra SinghAkanksha is an Innovation Partner with the Center for Emerging Technology Solutions at Infosys. Her current focus is to identify the pain points of clients, strategize, plan and execute solutions, measure business impact, and deliver value to the clients. Apprising the client of the innovation culture at Infosys, seeking their participation, and designing intellect property (IP) solutions for business needs are a significant part of her work. Akanksha is passionate about working where business, technology, and solutions converge. She has a financial services background, which helps her to keep a close tab on the technological advances in the sector.

You can gain some valuable insights into her work and thoughts through her blogs that will cover blockchain, InsureTech, fintech, testing solutions, and banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI).

Amit Gawande

Technology Lead, Infosys Labs, Performance Engineering, Infosys

Amit GawandeAmit is part of the core performance engineering research team, with four years of experience in varied fields ranging from non-functional requirements, workload modeling, capacity planning, testing, and, performance analysis.

He has authored publications on end-to-end performance management, workload analysis, forecasting, and performance modeling. Amit has been a part of the development team for various performance engineering tools. He was also involved in performance engineering for banking and telecom domain.

Amit will blog on Performance Modeling and Simulation, Workload Modeling, End-to-end Performance Management and Capacity Planning.

Amol Sharma

Technical Manager, Infosys Labs, Infosys

Amol SharmaAmol Sharma has over a decade of experience in the IT industry and for the last two years has been chasing his passions — agile and gamification.

As part of his current role, Amol explores service differentiation using distributed agile and gamification. He also has extensive experience in creating gamification concepts, and collaboration concepts such as virtual water-cooler and surface computing. He has been instrumental in the development of InfosysRS, iADP and associated tools.

Amol will blog about gamification, surface computing, and requirement engineering.

Ananthalakshmi V. V.

Principal Technology Architect, Infosys Labs, Infosys

Ananthalakshmi V. V.Ananthalakshmi has 14 years of industry experience. She is currently a Research anchor for the ‘Sustainable Tomorrow’ theme under Building Tomorrow’s Enterprise campaign. Ananthalakshmi also leads the IT Modernization and Sustainability tracks at Infosys Labs.

She specializes in software architecture and solution design for different industry domains.

Ananthalakshmi will blog on Sustainability, energy management, and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for Sustainability.

Arnab Bhaumik

Product Technology Lead

Arnab BhaumikArnab is Product Lead with the Center of Emerging Technology Solutions at Infosys. He is currently working on enhancing/re-architect one of the Data Validation Solutions with ICETs. He is soccer lover, avid reader & loves to travel; experience new destinations.

Arun Kumar

Client Solution Manager, Infosys Labs, Infosys

Arun KumarStaying abreast of the latest innovation in field of mobility comes easy to Arun. He has been working with mobility solutions, business intelligence systems and smartphone apps for the past ten years. This gives him an edge when it comes to meshing social media, mobility and analytics for a new point of view.

Over the last two years, Arun Kumar has been looking after new product initiatives under the Infosys mConnect banner. His current engagements involve smartphone push messaging, mobile 2D / 3D visualization and apps designing tool based on mConnect.

He will share his expertise on mobility, mobile messaging, and social media.

Ashok Kumar Arumugam

Senior Technology Architect, Infosys Labs, Infosys

Ashok has over 10 years of IT experience working with Java enterprise technologies, products and platforms. Currently, he works as a Senior Technology Architect with the Performance Engineering Research Group at Infosys Labs.

Ashok is a subject matter expert on IBM WebSphere application server platform and specializes in defining enterprise application migration methods, and evolving performance management best practices.

Ashok will blog on application migration management, performance engineering and management, workload modeling and analysis, and performance management practices for the Cloud.

Ashwin A.S.

Senior Research Associate, Center of Innovation for Tomorrow’s Enterprise – Infosys Labs, Infosys

Ashwin A.S.Ashwin’s papers are informed by a deep and intuitive understanding of emerging economies – his focus area. His recent research has been presented at international conferences like the Annual Academy of Management Conference 2012, Boston; and SRII India Conference 2012.

Conversations around emerging economies, business strategy, technology innovation, and big data dominate his blog posts.

Atanu Roy Chowdhury

Product Lead, Internet of Things Center of Excellence, Infosys Labs

Atanu Roy ChowdhuryWith more than 9 years of highly relevant experience, this IIT Guwahati and Harvard University alumnus is responsible for conceiving and evangelizing Infosys offerings in the area of mobility and sensor networking. His role at the Internet of Things Center of Excellence also involves providing key insights around systems development and rapid prototyping of solutions that help businesses differentiate.

Atanu will blog primarily on his favorite topic: Internet of Things.

Balkrishna Prasad

Technology Analyst, Microsoft Solutions Practice (MSSP), Infosys Labs, Infosys

Balkrishna Prasad Balkrishna has four years of industry experience in product development. His skills are in High Performance Computing (HPC) technologies. Balkrishna evaluates HPC tools and recommends them according to their suitability to domains.

Besides, he has programming expertise on Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA), Open Computing Language (OpenCL) and Open Multi-Processing (OpenMP), which are widely used in HPC. Currently as a Technology Analyst, Infosys Labs, his key role is to speed-up an application by identifying the scope of parallelism and applying suitable tools/ libraries to achieve it. He has also filed two patents on applications in Grid Computing space.

Balkrishna will blog on HPC Technologies, Tools, Programming Models, and GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) Computing.

Bill Peer

Principal Technical Architect, Infosys Labs

Bill PeerBill Peer is responsible for helping clients solve some of the most challenging and complex enterprise problems, in the process, creating significant business advantage by way of co-creation, innovation, and research.

Bill is credited with providing the architecture and with running the prototype of R-based Big Data (Petabyte scale) analytics platform in the cloud (completely hosted on Amazon EC2) – leveraging EMR (Hadoop) for distributed computations for a Fortune 50 company.

Bill will blog on complex event processing (aka event streaming), advanced analytics, advanced large- scale enterprise architectures, and big data.

Chandrasekhar Prabala

Technology Analyst, Infosys Labs, Infosys

Chandrasekhar has four years of experience in the IT industry. He has knowledge of Monte Carlo Methods and Finite Difference Methods as applied to Computational Finance and in Meta-Heuristics as applied to Combinatorial Optimization problems.

Currently as a Technology Analyst, he builds High Performance Computing (HPC) applications at Infosys.

Chandrasekhar will blog on Algorithms and Experiments in High Performance Scientific Computing.

Dileep Prakash

Technology Analyst

Dileep PrakashDileep is an Innovation Partner with the Center for Emerging Technology Solutions at Infosys. He is currently working with different QA teams to identify the challenges they face in their day to day activities and thereby, offers them solutions and suggestions. Dileep comes from a strong development background, and has played a key role in the development of different IP solutions such as ITAW, ITDMS, and IDTW.

Now, Dileep is all set to write blog posts on test management, testing solutions, test automation. Stay tuned!

Farhan Elias

Senior Lead Analyst, Center of Innovation for Tomorrow’s Enterprise (CITE), Infosys Labs, Infosys

Farhan EliasHaving spent more than six years in the field of company and strategy research, Farhan Elias is a senior lead analyst at the Center of Innovation for Tomorrow’s Enterprise (CITE). He leads a team of research analysts, which supports top management with intelligence.

Farhan has authored articles in various Infosys publications. He was also a recipient of the ‘Infosys Award for Excellence’ in 2011 in the ‘Innovation-Initiatives’ category. He is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, and has passed all levels of the CFA program.

His keen interests lie in topics like business strategies, business and transformation aspects of innovation co-creation, and other related topics.

Girish Khanzode

Products & Platforms Innovator for Futuristic Technologies, Infosys Labs

Girish KhanzodeGirish Khanzode has had long experience in the field of enterprise software product design and development. He has more than 20 years of professional experience, during which time he has led large product engineering teams to deliver highly complex products in multiple domains.

Girish’s blogger space is devoted to enterprise products, data security and privacy, social media technologies, digital workplace, analytics, smart cities, big data and Internet of Things.

Harish Kashyap T. S.

Senior Systems Engineer, Infosys Labs, Performance Engineering, Infosys

Harish has about three years of experience in the IT industry. He is currently working on a performance modeling consulting assignment. He specializes in performance engineering, performance testing, performance modeling, and capacity planning projects.

Harish has executed multiple performance engineering projects for clients. He has also worked on core Java,and developing in-house PE tools. Have conducted performance analysis of several distributed databases in cloud platform.

He will blog on Performance Engineering.

Dr. Indranil Roy Chowdhury

Senior Research Associate, Smarter Organizations, Infosys Labs

Indranil has been working in the area of business research over the past five years, and has presented several papers in reputed national and international forums.

As a Senior Research Associate, he currently leads the research on Shared Services in the Smarter Organizations Research Unit. Indranil holds a Ph.D. in Business Management and his main area of work has been User Adoption of Technology-Facilitated Services. His expertise lies in understanding technology from a user standpoint.

Indranil will blog on Service Design with a Human-Centric Approach and Human Computing Interactions.

Jagadamba Krovvidi

Principal Architect, Infosys Labs, Infosys

Jagadamba has more than 13 years of IT experience. She is a part of the Holistic Information Management Infrastructure Engineering (HIMI ENGG) group, the Talent Management team of Infosys Labs and the Cloud Computing Center of Excellence.

She is the owner of iMigrate, an Intellectual Property (IP) in Data Migration. She has monetized Intellectual Properties that are being used in more than eight projects.

She will blog on cloud computing, business intelligence, data management, data warehousing, enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management.

John Kuriakose

Principal Architect, Infosys Labs, Infosys

John KuriakoseJohn has 19 years of experience in the IT industry. He leads research and development of a Semantic Computing platform for accelerated deployment of Semantic Technology in enterprises. As Principal Architect, John is a Semantic Technology expert, overseeing research and application of the technology for online content products and enterprise search.

John will blog on Semantic Technology, knowledge representation, inference, Semantic Query, and Semantic Search.

Jyotirmay Ray

Senior Consultant, Infosys

Jyotirmay RayJyotirmay is an Innovation Partner and Senior Consultant, INFCAT (Global Delivery) working with Infosys Center of Emerging Technology Solutions (iCETS). His main focus areas are ideating industry solutions, driving research of emerging trends for businesses, preparing thought leadership articles, and enabling stakeholder interactions.

Jyotirmay has around nine years of experience in solution strategy, business analysis, consulting, digital transformation, and delivery.

Before joining Infosys, he had worked with Larsen & Toubro Infotech (LTI) as Analytics and Digital Consultant, where he was responsible for articulating and building capabilities in advanced visualization, data analytics, digital transformation, decision science, and cloud and big data ecosystem. Prior to this, Jyotirmay was a Technical Team Lead with International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) India for implementation of enterprise data warehouse solutions, where he managed multiple stakeholders, geographically sparse teams, and high quality and on-time project delivery.

Kapil Gupta

Research Analyst, Infosys Labs

Kapil GuptaWith more than 13 years of industry experience, Kapil Gupta works as a Research Analyst with Center of Innovation for Tomorrow’s Enterprise (CITE) at Infosys Labs. Kapil’s experience spans across product engineering, IP commercialization, program management, and software engineering.

Currently, he is engaged in research and solution design in the area of supply chain management, and he is also involved with identifying business and technology trends where Infosys can build new offerings. In his prior assignments, he worked extensively on highly complex, patient safety critical medical devices.

In this blog, Kapil will discuss emerging macro trends and share his ideas on supply chains of future.

Karthik G.V.

Product Manager, Infosys Labs, Infosys

Karthik G.V.Karthik is responsible for Infosys mConnect – Mobility Apps Development Platform. His attention centers chiefly on building next-gen mobility platforms. His prime focus is to help customer’s go mobile while avoiding the complexities around it, such as variance in device operating systems, interaction patterns, API differences as well as user experience (UX) design and development.

Mobility, digital marketing, mobile banking and mobile messaging are recurring themes in Karthik’s online conversations.

Kavitha Sundararajan

Senior Consultant - iCETS, Infosys

Kavitha SundararajanKavitha Sundararajan has been leading Infosys Nia Chatbot GTM Team since April 2020. She is working as a Functional Consultant and been involved in Client demos and interactions with various stakeholders to market Chatbot platform.

She is involved in doing market research, interacting with various partners; seek feedback from them and pass it as inputs to build new capabilities in Product. She has been assigned other roles too relating to DCoE Operations which need collaborations with other internal teams.

Krishna Chaitanya Telikicherla

Technology Analyst, Infosys Labs, Infosys

Krishna has over four years of experience in web development. His skills are in the security of the modern web, with regard to evolving web standards such as HTML5, JavaScript, modern web browsers, etc. Krishna is an active tech blogger and a regular speaker at several technical events, organized by Microsoft and other partners.

For his contributions to technical communities, Microsoft has awarded him “Most Valuable Professional (MVP)” award, in the categories “ASP.NET” and “Internet Explorer” respectively.

In addition, Krishna has won many awards such as Best Fresher, Member of Best project, On the Spot Award, Most Valuable Player, and for Excellence.

Krishna will blog on Web Security- focusing on security aspects in HTML5, JavaScript, Web Browsers, Web Based Attacks, and Protection Mechanisms.

LakshmiNarasimhan N

Lead Product Manager – Maintenance Centre of Excellence (MCOE), Infosys Labs

LakshmiNarasimhan NLakshmiNarasimhan has more than 17 years of experience in the IT industry. As lead product manager, he helps in developing new approaches to transition and maturity models for managed service delivery.

Most notably, LakshmiNarasimhan conceptualized a transition solution for the execution of large transition programs. He also actively participates in developing solutions for large deal pursuits.

In his blog, he will be sharing his views on managed service delivery model, analytics in maintenance, and execution of large transitions.

Dr. Lokendra Shastri

General Manager - Research and Head, Center for Knowledge Driven Information System, Infosys

Dr. Lokendra ShastriDr. Shastri has made significant contributions in scalable, parallel computational models of knowledge representation and inference, semantic networks, neural network-based pattern recognition and episodic memory.

Dr. Shastri has authored one book, several invited chapters, and more than 70 peer reviewed articles that have been cited over 1,700 times. He has also refereed for prominent journals and served on the editorial boards of Connection Science and IEEE Expert, the advisory board of Human Cognitive Processing, the steering committee of the conference on High Performance Computing, and the program committees of several conferences in Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science and Neural Networks.

Madhur Naidu

Technical Manager, Infosys Labs, Infosys

Madhur NaiduClose to a decade of handling cutting-edge maintenance technology has helped Madhur Naidu gain a deep insight into the world of innovation.

Madhur leads the development team at the Maintenance Center of Excellence, in the IT Service Differentiation group for Infosys Labs. Some of his notable achievements include the development of maintenance platforms such as Transition Workbench (TWB) and Intelligent Production Support Platform (IPSP).

Madhur will share his insight on Microsoft technologies, IT service differentiation, and maintenance.

Mandar Joshi

Manager – IP Deployment and Commercialization, Infosys Labs

Mandar JoshiMandar Joshi takes care of pre-sales activities around mobility-related IP. A technology professional of more than 15 years, he is primarily focused on serving the company’s global customers.

Mandar writes on enterprise and consumer mobility.

Dr. Manish Godse

Research Analyst, Centre of Innovation for Tomorrow’s Enterprise (CITE), Infosys Labs

Dr. Manish GodseDr. Manish Godse is a research analyst at the Center of Innovation for Tomorrow’s Enterprise, which manages seven institutes pertaining to the seven key areas in the Infosys strategy ‘Building Tomorrow’s Enterprise’ – areas that are rapidly increasing in influence, and presenting great scope for IT-led innovation.

Manish holds a doctorate in management from Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management, Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai.

Manish will blog primarily on shared services and technology-led innovation.

Manoj Jajoo

Senior Technical Architect, Enterprise Solutions - Microsoft Dynamics, Infosys

Manoj JajooManoj has 13 years of IT experience across Web development, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), portal and Business Intelligence (BI). He is a certified The Open Group Architecture Framework-(TOGAF) 8 practitioner. He has extensive experience in the creation of frameworks, solutions and add-ons in Microsoft Technology. Currently, he heads the offshore team involved in the global rollout (25 countries) of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for a manufacturing company.

Manoj is a technical consultant in architecture and building solutions for other projects. He is working on initiatives of technology collaboration, competency development on Microsoft Dynamics products and technologies, and evangelizing new Microsoft Dynamics’ products (Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV, GP and CRM) adoption.

He will blog on Enterprise Architecture, Web security, Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem, Web 2.0, cloud computing and BI.

Marseelan A

Technology Architect, Infosys

Marseelan AMarseelan has over a decade of experience in the Information Technology (IT) space. Specializing in Service Differentiation in application development solutions and requirements engineering, he successfully conceptualized and re-architected a highly scalable Infosys Requirements Studio (erstwhile InFlux). He has also worked on the Infosys Application Development platform and Component Based Development (CBD) platform.

Marseelan handles collaboration tools that enable Distributed Software Engineering and is adept at technologies such as Java, J2EE, .NET, HTML5, and JavaScript.

He will share his insights on distributed software engineering, the CBD platform, and text analytics.

Mudit Kaushik

Senior Systems Engineer, Infosys Labs, Infosys

Mudit has three years of experience in the IT industry. He was part of the QA4J (Quality Analysis for Java) tools development and deployment team. Mudit has also worked on static analysis methodologies and tools. As Senior Systems Engineer, with the Cloud Computing Center of Excellence (CoE) team, he is working on Cloud Computing related technologies.

Mudit will blog on Cloud Computing.

Nampuraja Enose

Nampuraja Enose Research Analyst, Center of Innovation for Tomorrow’s Enterprise (CITE), Infosys Labs

Nampuraja Enose currently leads the Asset Management Innovation Center.

Nampuraja is a postgraduate in the area of microwaves with more than 12 years of experience across industry verticals. He has presented at global conferences, including at the IEEE Annual symposium, and his papers have appeared in reputed journals.

Nampuraja’s areas of interest include asset management, asset information management, service management and managed services, energy efficiency, smart grid and utility technologies.

Namrata Ramnani

Technology Analyst

Namrata RamnaniNamrata is an Innovation Partner with the Center for Emerging Technology Solutions at Infosys. Her current focus is on working with clients to help them identify their pain points and strategize solutions and execute them, identify business impacts, and deliver value to the client. Currently, Namrata is working as a consulting expert for a performance testing solution. She is passionate about working where business, technology, and solutions converge. She comes with a Validation services’ background and keeps a close tab on the technological advances in the sector.

Namrata is gearing up to write blog posts on testing solutions, blockchain, Insuretech. Stay tuned!

Nidhi Tiwari

Senior Technical Architect, Infosys Labs, Infosys

Nidhi works in the field of Performance Engineering and focuses on performance modeling. Her research interest topics include adoption of cloud computing and cloud databases. She has authored papers for international conferences and has filed for a patent.

Nidhi will blog on cloud computing.

Pankaj Painuly

Senior Associate Consultant, Infosys

Pankaj PainulyPankaj is a Senior Associate Consultant, INFCAT (Global Delivery) working with Infosys Center of Emerging Technology Solutions (iCETS). His main focus areas are ideating industry solutions, driving emerging trends research for businesses, preparing thought leadership articles, and enabling stakeholder interactions.

Pankaj has six years of work experience in market research, consulting, and telecom technologies. Prior to join to Infosys, he worked with companies like Nokia as a Radio Frequency Optimization Engineer, in Ovum as a Research Analyst, and in Panamax InfoTech as a Senior Research Analyst.

Pawan Chhabra

Senior Technology Architect, Infosys Labs, Performance Engineering, Infosys

Pawan has 10 years of experience in the IT industry. He is currently involved in R&D, technology validation, building application frameworks, and automated tools development. He has enabled effective adoption of technologies, building reference architecture, and building blocks for various clients and domains.

Pawan will blog on Performance Engineering.

Pavan K. Kulkarni

Technology Architect, Microsoft Solutions Practice (MSSP), Infosys Labs

Pavan K. KulkarniPavan K. Kulkarni is in a role that involves holding responsibility for building IP based products and tools. He has a specialty focus on mobility, .NET, Java and enterprise architecture.

Among other things, he has filed a patent for a method that seeks to increase the capabilities of mobile devices – without adding any hardware.

Pavan will blog on mobility, enterprise architecture, .NET and Java.

Praveen Manjunath

Senior Research Associate, Infosys Labs


ManjunathA researcher with eight years of experience, Praveen’s research interests are diverse – straddling innovation management, venture capital, private equity funding models, growth and innovation strategies for startups and established organizations, and the role of technology in promoting innovation.

At Infosys, Praveen has worked to streamline program management initiatives and processes for the Center of Innovation for Tomorrow’s Enterprise (CITE) at Infosys Labs. He has also contributed to the rich content of more than 10 innovation workshops focused on building tomorrow’s enterprise, organized for C-level executives from some of the world’s largest enterprises.

Praveen will bring his passion and insight to our blog, sharing his views on exciting topics like innovation management, growth strategies, and business ecosystems.

Prerana Sharma

Senior Analyst – Center of Innovation for Tomorrow’s Enterprise (CITE), Infosys Labs

Prerana SharmaPrerana Sharma is involved in researching company strategies, current market scenarios and innovation environment – as part of the CITE team. Her research effort is directed towards helping top management in initiating and taking forward their dialogues in innovation and co- creation with Fortune 500 clients. The Infosys strategy of Building Tomorrow’s Enterprise (BTE) is central to her study, which aims at providing insights that further lead to business transformations. Her prior experience in sales and marketing lends her a better understanding of the market and businesses.

Prerana’s blogger space is devoted to conversations around innovation, strategy, and evolving business models.

Priya R.C.

Senior Technology Architect, INFLAB, Infosys Labs

Priya R.C.As product manager for steady state solutions at the Maintenance Center Of Excellence (MCoE), Priya is responsible for Mantra CodeFix integration into Infosys Application Management Platform (IAM) and Enterprise Analyzer deployments, among others.

Priya has more than 13 years of industry experience.

Priya writes mostly on product quality tools, preventive maintenance, and data analytics.

Purnima Gopalkrishnan

Associate – Decision Solutions, Infosys Leadership Institute


GopalkrishnanClose on the heels of her M.A. in organizational psychology from Bowling Green State University, Ohio, Purnima Gopalkrishnan joined Infosys Leadership Institute – the global institution that nurtures leaders and helps advance the field of leadership development.

Purnima has demonstrable research skills in the field of quantitative studies, and her research focuses on organizational issues like stress, counterproductive work behavior, and employee well-being. She also studies various aspects of leadership effectiveness from multiple perspectives, using the Rasch model.

At the Infosys Leadership Institute, Purnima is responsible for enabling continuous and ongoing research that informs functions like leader and organizational development, and succession planning.

Purnima will blog on employee stress and well-being, counterproductive work behavior, effective leadership and dysfunctional leadership, and leadership assessment and measurement.

Raghavendra D. Hegde

Client Solution Manager – Infosys mobile computing platforms, Infosys Labs

Raghavendra D. HegdeRaghavendra D. Hegde is responsible for handling customer support. In addition, he conducts training and testing around Infosys mConnect mobile middleware platform and other intellectual property (IP). He won an award for excellence in 2010 in the ‘customer delight’ category.

Raghavendra’s conversations on blogosphere are centered on enterprise and consumer mobility.

Rakesh Kumar Mishra

Principal Research Analyst, Infosys Labs

Rakesh Kumar MishraWith more than 16 years of experience, Rakesh Kumar Mishra specializes in creating service differentiation paradigms around emerging technologies and industry leading practices, which further helps enhance business value realization for client enterprises. At Infosys Labs, Rakesh heads the service differentiation research and innovation program for the consulting and package implementation portfolios. He is currently supervising the enterprise gamification program that aims to create differentiated and high-value solutions. He was instrumental in incubating and leading an innovation center for the enterprise solution, which enabled the conceptualization of new services and solutions, leveraging the social enterprise, mobility, cloud, enterprise simplification, and user experience.

Rakesh has been working in the area of business research over the past five years, and has presented papers in reputed national and international forums. He will blog on enterprise gamification and related topics.

Rini Biswas

Senior Systems Engineer, Infosys Labs, Infosys

Rini has over three-and-half years of experience in implementing and managing IT solutions. She has been involved in development and support of Radien Enterprise Application Framework.

Rini has maintained and enhanced a web-based application, designed using J2EE, in Banking and Capital Markets (BCM) for a large U.S. financial firm and has written their product collaterals.

She currently develops solutions for Enterprise Private Cloud.

Rini will blog on performance testing and monitoring tools.

Rini Susan V. S.

Senior Systems Engineer, Infosys Labs, Performance Engineering, Infosys

Rini has over two years of experience in the IT industry. Rini was involved in the setup of a test platform and conducted performance tests for Infosys Private Cloud. Rini has handled a Diageo consulting project, and has also worked on iGoogle gadgets and Liferay portal.

Rini will blog on Performance Engineering.

Rohit Chopra

Emerging Technologies Consultant, Infosys

Rohit Chopra Rohit works as an Emerging Technologies Consultant, INFCAT (Global Delivery) with Infosys Center of Emerging Technology Solutions (iCETS). His main focus areas include ideating industry solutions, driving emerging trends research for businesses, preparing thought leadership articles, and enabling stakeholder interactions.

Rohit has a Consulting Research background and has worked extensively on devising go-to-market strategies, market size estimation, and competitor analysis. He had also worked on deriving key consumer insights for a diverse range of clients in the consumer food service, consumer health, packaged food, and retailing space. Prior to this, he was working in the Solutions Quality Engineering (SQE) team at Accenture as a Software Engineer with responsibilities including creation of test assets, test execution, and ensuring high quality and on-time project delivery.

Sandeep Karamongikar

Associate Vice President, Infosys Labs, Infosys

Sandeep is the Head of the Information Management group and the Security and Privacy Lab. He has more than 17 years of IT experience in product development, leading research teams, managing application development and delivering large-scale, mission- critical IT solutions for Fortune 500 companies, across a range of industries.

He has been successful in delivering innovation through research-led technology solutions, including Infosys Radien Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) platform and the Holistic Information Management Infrastructure (HIMI) platform.

Sandeep will blog on information management, including predictive analytics, operational intelligence, unstructured data analysis and data management.

Shanmugam Gnanasambandam

Principal Consultant, Infosys Labs

Shanmugam Gnanasambandam Shanmugam has more than 20 years of extensive experience in the telecom, mobility, enterprise solutions, and CRM space. At Infosys labs, he works closely with the mobility R&D group, primarily on – enterprise mobility solutions, people management, competency building, and operations and process improvements. Shanmugam holds functional responsibility in the areas of customer service, consulting, as well as project and product management.

He is passionate about knowledge sharing, and actively contributes through teaching, mentoring and writing.

Shelly Singh

Technology Architect, Infosys Labs, Infosys

Shelly has 12 years of experience in the IT industry, with rich expertise in designing and building search and semantic-aware applications for customer organizations.

As a Technology Architect, Shelly is involved in building a Semantic Computing platform to accelerate deployment of Semantic Technology in enterprises.

Shelly will blog on Search Techniques, Semantic Technology and Semantic Data Visualization & Exploration.

Shivam Deshpande

Associate Consultant

Shivam DeshpandeShivam is an Associate consultant working in iCETS unit focusing on the emerging technology and trends. His current focus is on researching on the latest trends in different industries, driving emerging trends research for businesses and preparing thought leadership articles. Shivam has completed his PGDM in Research and Business Analytics from Welingkar Mumbai and plans to explore the field of emerging technologies that can shape the future. Before iCETS, he worked as a Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Analyst in Healthcare, insurance and life science domain of Infosys.

Shobha Rangasamy Somasundaram

Senior Technical Manager, Infosys Labs, Infosys

Senior Research Associate – Software Engineering and Information Systems, Infosys Labs

Shobha Rangasamy SomasundaramArmed with more than 13 years of experience, Shobha Rangasamy comes with a deep understanding of requirements engineering.

She has extensive experience in evangelization and conceptualization of a product. She also is an expert in using the Infosys Requirements Studio modeling tool, which is commonly used by business analysts for requirements gathering. Shobha has worked on different releases of this tool and knows all of its features thoroughly.

She will share her insights on requirements engineering.

Shreyash Mantri

Associate Consultant

Shreyash MantriShreyash works as an Emerging Technologies Consultant, INFCAT (Global Delivery) with Infosys Center of Emerging Technology Solutions (iCETS). His main focus areas include ideating industry solutions, driving emerging trends research for businesses, preparing thought leadership articles, and enabling stakeholder interactions. He is a qualified management professional with a specialization in Marketing. His previous experience includes working as SAP FICO (Finance and controlling) consultant in Infosys.

Siddharth Radhakrishnan

Technical Associate, Internet of Things CoE, Infosys Labs

Siddharth Radhakrishnan has spent the last four years executing in-house-developed machine-to- machine (M2M) pilots at Infosys campuses, as well as doing consulting and marketing around green initiatives.

As a technical associate, Siddharth invests a great deal of time in staying ahead of the IT trends curve and providing robust outlooks on sustainability.

Siddharth will blog on M2M technologies in life and work, as well as IT and sustainability.

Sitangshu Supakar

Principal – IP Deployment and Commercialization, Infosys Labs

Sitangshu SupakarApplying cotemporary software engineering practices to ensure differentiation in the application development services space is Sitangshu Supakar’s primary responsibility. Achievements include playing a key role in helping a large bank achieve faster time to market. Sitangshu has more than 16 years of experience; the early years were spent in Internet and mobile solutions.

Sitangshu’s blogs cast light on distributed service delivery, Agile, how emerging technologies can be applied in innovative ways to software engineering.

Sounak Sarkar

Senior Associate Consultant, INFCAT

Sounak SarkarSounak is an emerging technology consultant working with the ICETS unit. He has been associated with Infosys for the past 2.5 years. Before joining ICETS, he was part of the ECS unit managing the smart grid application for a leading North American utility company. Prior to that Sounak was pursuing Master in Business Administration in Energy and Infrastructure. He will be publishing blog posts on topics related to emerging technologies.

Srikanth DVS

Manager – IP Deployment and Commercialization, Infosys

Srikanth DVSSrikanth has more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry. With proven expertise in IT Management, he has worked in various areas like large-scale IP deployment in marquee client accounts, portfolio analysis consulting and application modernization.

In his role, Srikanth has been instrumental in large scale IT portfolio rationalization and strategy exercises, following the merger between two leading financial institutions. He has also played a key part in various application health assessment engagements across various clients in banking, manufacturing and retail domains.

In this blog, he will be sharing his views on portfolio rationalization, application modernization, and IT strategy.

Dr. Srinivas Padmanabhuni

Principal Researcher & Head, Software Engineering Lab – Infosys Labs, Infosys


Srinivas PadmanabhuniDr. Padmanabhuni’ areas of interest include Web Services, Service-Oriented Architecture, grid technologies, intelligent agents and enterprise architecture.

J. Srinivas

Principal Technology Architect, Head – Architecture practice and Agile Competency Center, Infosys Labs

J. Srinivas J. Srinivas is credited with establishing the Architecture practice and the process for distributed Agile at Infosys Labs.

Srinivas’s writings are informed by more than 18 years of hands-on industry experience, and have a distinct focus on enterprise architecture, project management, and innovation.

Sripriya Thothadri

Technology Architect, Infosys Labs, Infosys

Sripriya has 13 years of experience in the IT industry. She has expertise in designing and building application frameworks for customer organizations, in the Telecom and Retail business domains.

Currently as a Technology Architect at Infosys, Sripriya builds High Performance Computing (HPC) applications. Her skills are in applying HPC technologies, to solve diverse business and scientific problems.

Sripriya will blog on HPC Technology, Applying HPC to Solve Domain Problems and on HPC Related Work at Infosys.

Sudhanshu Hate

Senior Architect, Microsoft Technology Center, Infosys

Sudhanshu HateWith 11 years of experience, Sudhanshu is currently focusing on Windows Communication and Workflow Foundation technologies from the .Net 3.5 and 4.0 stack. Previously, Sudhanshu has led solution architecture and development teams on Legacy Modernization and Business Intelligence and was also instrumental in taking Infosys’ Catalytic IT solutions to customers in EMEA.

He will be blog on Gamification.

Sukriti Goel

Technical Architect, Infosys Labs, Infosys

Sukriti GoelSukriti has more than 11 years of IT experience. She has worked on Business Process Management Systems (BPMS) for four years. She is responsible for product development and its deployment in Business Process Management (BPM) within the organization.

She will blog on Business Process Management, business transaction monitoring, process mining and Enterprise Architecture.

Suman Roy

Senior Research Associate, Infosys Labs, Infosys

Suman RoySuman has more than 11 years of IT experience. His responsibilities include research, idea generation, and solution creation and knowledge representation techniques in requirements analysis. His research interests are in rigorous software engineering, knowledge engineering, applied cryptography and network security.

He has proposed a framework for ontology-driven requirements engineering and created domain ontologies. He has also published a paper in ACM Compute’09 related to the subject.

Suman will blog on formal methods, knowledge representation, ontology, requirements analysis, inconsistency and incompleteness of requirements specifications.

Sunil Kumar Vuppala

Senior Research Associate, Internet of Things CoE, Infosys Labs

Sunil Kumar VuppalaThe last eight years have seen Sunil Kumar Vuppala devoting his skill sets towards conceptualizing, designing, and developing systems using wireless sensor networks (WSNs) and distributed systems (like MOJO, data center management, energy management; modeling and optimization; and demand response management and smart energy management for the smart grid.

As a senior research associate, he is credited with conceptualizing, designing, and building technical solutions for sustainability applications based on WSN.

Sunil will blog on demand response, optimization in energy management, smart grid technologies, wireless sensor networks, and the Internet of things.

Surendra Bysani

Technology Architect, Infosys Labs, Performance Engineering, Infosys

Surendra has over nine years of experience in the IT industry. He has worked on projects involving multiple technologies such as Websphere, Weblogic, IBM DB, Oracle DB, and Sybase. His expertise spans several testing, profiling, monitoring and diagnostic tools. He has executed multiple projects providing performance engineering services internally and overseas.

Surendra will blog on Performance Engineering functions: Testing, Profiling, Modeling, and Monitoring.

Uday Disley

Research Analyst, Infosys Labs, Infosys

Uday DisleyUday is a part of Center of Innovation for Tomorrow’s Enterprise (CITE) at Infosys Labs. The team focuses on research to enable breakthroughs for tomorrow’s enterprise, and to inspire investments in innovations that matter.

With 14 years of experience under his belt, Uday will share rich insight into emerging trends and business analysis. He will also analyze megatrends from a business perspective and keep you posted on where innovation is headed.

Dr. Vijayaraghavan Varadharajan

Principal Research Scientist – iCETS, Infosys

Dr. Vijayaraghavan VaradharajanVijayaraghavan Varadharajan is a Principal Research Scientist at Infosys Limited doing research in the field of XAI, FoW, Security analytics, Cloud security, Security assessment, Authentication and Privacy protection. He has over 19+ years of experience in the fields of research, industry and academia. He also focuses on Emerging technology & Business opportunity identification, Incubation and Venture assessment for Investments. He is working with Universities and see how academic research can help in solving real time Industrial problems.

He has 6 granted US patents and filed many US and Indian patents in key technology areas. He has published 40+ research papers in International journals & conferences and also served as a Technical Reviewer, Program Committee member and Chair for many conferences around the globe. He has mentored many International students from reputed universities across the world.

Vikas Kannav

Process and Domain consultant, Internet of Things CoE, Infosys Labs

Over the last seven years, Vikas Kannav has made visible contribution in the area of strategic consulting for M2M solutions, which includes chalking business plans and go-to-market initiatives – spanning digital and social marketing, and brand development. He has also been instrumental in forging business partnerships aimed at co-creating turnkey machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions.

At Infosys, Vikas has been a prime mover in the development of a business plan around an M2M solution for safety and health monitoring.

Vikas will blog on the Internet of things and M2M technologies.

Vikas Vasudeva Valikan

Systems Engineer, Infosys Labs, Performance Engineering, Infosys

Vikas Vasudeva 

ValikanVikas has over two years of experience in the IT industry. He is currently engaged in the performance engineering life cycle of Java Web Applications including Non-Functional Requirements gathering, Design Review, Code Review, Testing, Benchmarking, and Extrapolation.

He has worked on .NET framework, developing internal tools for work load modeling, performance testing, and capacity planning projects.

Vikas will blog on Performance Engineering.

Virendra Paliwal

Associate Vice President – Maintenance Center of Excellence (CoE), Infosys Labs

Virendra PaliwalBacked by more than 16 years of demonstrated IT expertise (in areas like product management, delivery, engagement management, and research and innovation), Virendra Paliwal leads the research on Healthcare Economy, one of the seven themes that make up the strategic vision of Infosys: Building Tomorrow’s Enterprise.

Among other things, Virendra is accountable for the Maintenance CoE at Infosys Labs, where he is credited with conceptualizing a first-of-its-kind, end-to-end maintenance services delivery platform. By pulling together a range of technologies and solutions, this platform provides clients with a differentiated maintenance service.

Virendra earned a graduate degree in production engineering from Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute, Mumbai, and a post- graduation in business management from XLRI, Jamshedpur, India.

Virendra will blog primarily on his areas of special interest: Innovation for affordability and access, and technology- driven solutions for preventive healthcare.

Vishal Krishna Saxena

Senior Technology Architect, Trusted ADM - Infosys Labs, Infosys

Vishal has 11 years of experience in information security. He was involved in the data privacy and compliance activity for a leading European bank. Vishal also worked for a leading U.S. financial service organization, to define their mobile security strategy.

Currently as Senior Technology Architect, his research areas include Cloud security, mobile security, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), cryptography, anti-tampering, reverse engineering, data privacy, and secure Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

Vishal will blog on Cloud Security, Mobile Security and Web Application Security.

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