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It's all about Productivity and Business Processes On Cloud at WPC 2015!

Quick Takeaways from Microsoft WPC (Worldwide Partner Conference) 2015 Keynote.

The opening keynote by Satya Nadella was different; it did not start with Satya talking about the good work done last year. Instead, the digital personal assistant "Cortana" talked about the busy year that Microsoft and the partner ecosystem had. It was time to remember the good work done over the last year and celebrate the success while partners get a reaffirmation that the investments that they are making in this ecosystem are worth it!

Anchored on the ambition that MS collectively shares for themselves and the customers, the mission for Microsoft is "empowering every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more" and moving to a Mobile-first Cloud-first world. The clear message was that as an organization, Microsoft is focused on helping customers achieve greatness through digital technologies. There is no company out there that is not a software company and Microsoft wants to help them differentiate, leveraging the digital technologies. In fact, they are the only company that focusses on individuals and organizations with an attempt to strive for excellence at an intersection of people and organizations.



The interesting part was a clarifying statement from Satya around the Mobile-First and Cloud-First slogan. As per him, Mobile First - is all about mobility of the experience. Computing that we are going to interface within our lives (home and office) is ubiquitous (sensors, computers we touch, talk to, and interact with holograms) and Cloud First - as cloud allows us to move from device to device leveraging the distributed cloud infrastructure provided across the world

The vision keynote focused on 3 key pillars that are enabling business transformation for clients -


1. Reinvention of productivity and Business Process

Microsoft wants to bring together everything that is related to the core creation, communication, collaboration and business process and blend them together. They want to bring out what Office 365 represents, what Dynamics represents - they want to bring these different products into one set of services which are extensible. Their vision is to allow all business application vendors and all productivity application vendors to integrate into this model.

Today, it's all about people, applications and devices coming together. Especially when you deeply introspect on the nature of our work, we work to deal with exceptions - it's not a happy path! It's all about us bringing our ingenuity to solve problems that just happen, challenges that appear, opportunities that we want to grab onto! It requires us to get more people involved, it requires us to bring different applications together, and it requires us to work across devices.

And then there was an excellent demo (with minor glitches though) around Project GigJam. It was all about an effective creation of an application for a specific task that spanned many apps, many devices, and many people on the fly and distributing that app to all those devices. That's what Microsoft thinks is the future of business process and communication and productivity.

You can read more about this at



2. Building an intelligent cloud

While the story about Azure and its capabilities is known, the new update was the announcement of Cortana Analytics Suite. In brief, Satya mentioned that what VB was to Client Server Applications, Cortana Analytics is going to be for Intelligent Cloud! I am eager to know more about this and I am sure, so would you!



3.  Create more Personal Computing

Personal Productivity is at the core of adoption and widespread usage. Windows 10 is going to be launched in two weeks and it's going to be a unified platform across devices and offerings - which is what Satya termed as mobility of "Experience"


It was good to hear about "trust" as a word and acknowledgement that it's becoming most important thing in the personal productivity space. Key point to note here was that today attack vectors come from multiple places - not only devices but also sensors, thus making security, identify management and prevention one of the core areas to focus on for the future digital initiatives.

There was an interesting demo of HoloLens, depicting how designing is done in 3D with collaboration across boundaries and time zones. I am sure that there are infinite possibilities around leveraging HoloLens and we are just figuring it out at this stage.

In summary, It was a good glimpse of Microsoft ambition and I personally feel the focus was to showcase Microsoft as a forward looking company looking to work more with other providers, erstwhile competitors (packages, productivity tools, devices, platforms, OS, etc.).  

This sure is a sign of good times ahead and I am excited to be a part of this journey in some small way. The summarizations can help any service provider to think of the new offerings, new models and new use cases to take to our clients and help them think about how best they can leverage the "power of digital" to improve use productivity, manage by exception, move faster, interpret data quickly, take advantage of the analysis to take quick actions and definitely reduce cost.

What do you think?

Source: you can watch the complete keynote here - Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft, Vision Keynote, WPC 2015, Orlando -  Our journey together


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