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Accelerate Digital Insurer Journey through APIs and existing setups

Every industry and more importantly every enterprise should have its own Digital Journey and it should be accelerating like ‘Gravity’.

As when someone asked - is it a good time to be Digital, the answer was - it was a good time an year ago, now is the second best time.

Most of the times in an enterprise, the challenge is in converging the various tributaries of the IT work, whether current projects, legacy modernization, or different LoBs/tiers handling independent digital initiatives etc. in to the main digital river of the overall business strategy.

Second, the challenge is in the competitive world and coming second to none in offering new services and products through IT led innovations and initiatives.

For e.g.

Many leading Big-Box retailers haven’t been able to reduce the TCO to the industry levels and have been very much dependent on large ERPs, products & IT vendors. Many still are developing their online and mobile frameworks to be competitive in e-commerce.

Financial Services including leading investment banks have adopted open source in their mainstream enterprises but they clearly lack in engaging customer at a micro level or rank very low in the levels of achieving “Personalization”. There are one off cases where customer service is being handled through Social Media but most enterprise still lack a comprehensive digital framework that is equivalent to leading online retailers.

Many Insurance companies though related to financial services have neither warmed up to Open Source nor they have a good Digital Consumer Framework. Most consumers aren’t even aware of their apps or just use them twice a year for policy renewal or for claims.

To add, Internet of Things (IOT) brings in an avenue that is still largely untapped and enterprise need frameworks that can cover the current needs, immediate future needs and also be flexible to plug-in new things that the technology gives birth time to time.

Accelerating Digital Connectedness through APIs is a must in the Digital Insurer’s journey.

First with an API strategy, Digital Marketplaces are an avenue for revenue generation and incubating innovations by tapping on the crowd of developers.

Next, regardless of where the enterprise is, the existing data itself could be used to accelerate the “Digital Insurer”.

Below is a simple approach using Sense - Analyse - Respond as a framework. The two diagrams show how a combination of Event Management, APIs, Service Bus, Data Analytics & Science etc can work for the improvement of consumer engagement as well as for the distribution channels (Exclusive & Independent Agents, Brokers etc.)

1. Framework describing Eventing, Analyzing & Responding using the current elements

2. Framework extending Distribution Channels in Insurance

What are the challenges in your Digital journey? Have you made APIs an integral part of it? Do you have a framework that has all the front-end and back-end elements weaved into it? Please share your opinion.


We would like to know whether this system can install the data base of the client? Therefore, the floor manager can read the VIP profile before they arrive the hotel.

Thanks Alan for your comments and apologize for not replying earlier and yes there are multiple options and one of that is to get the profile before arriving. Though this post was for Insurance but applicability is across industries In your case, e.g. some places it is already in practice that when the customer/VIP use the hotel-mobile-app (that invokes APIs external and internal) and the app tracks whether the person has landed in particular city airport and also received by the chauffeur. The hotel is ready before time to receive and provide a great experience.

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