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Challenges of Data Migration in Green Field Package implementations - II

Having discussed about the data migration challenges and how they are associated with the statements of the project initiative, we will now see how these challenges can be dealt. Let me start with a disclaimer here that, there is no defined set of processes/steps to address these kind of challenges. It does not mean the end of road as well. Here we might have to follow some of the below mentioned points at proper intervals which helps to address these challenges in a major way.
1. Calling out the challenges/pain points loud and clear. 
2. Best practices suggest towards the first step of registering these pain points as part of Risk/Issue register.
3. Next comes the stage of communicating these pain points to the stake holders: 
These can be achieved by including the registered 'Risk/Issues' in the WSR (Weekly Status Reports) on a regular basis. 
4. If we still continue to feel that the situation at ground has not improved. It is worth enough to take up to the next level of discussion in 'Project Status Review' meeting with key stake holders of the project. 

I am sure most of us would be feeling that it is easier said than getting them done. I have personally had some embarrassing or bemusing experiences on the very first review meeting with Stakeholders. In spite of presenting the pain points/road blocks to the stake holders in the 'Project Status Review 'meetings, it might have not got registered with the key stakeholder as pain points or road blocks. Still the stakeholders/business would be left with that lurching question mark on their faces, so what is the problem? It might have not got registered with stake holders for the first time, but I am sure that on repeated highlights (may be the second or third time) it does get registered.

Even as more clients across industries embark on their journey of IT transformation projects still it is a hard fact that many of them pay less importance to the data migration activity, which can certainly have a big say on the success of the project. Generic stand cannot be taken for Data Migration activity. After some experiences in this kind of engagements believe one should start including an activity for due diligence to assess the criticality of 'Data Migration' as part of the best practices for Green Field Implementations. There is a need to understand the existing environment of the legacy system to assess the criticality of data migration and start considering these points in its full context. So that the challenges mentioned can be collectively viewed as some sort of check list even before we start the Data conversion activities. Rather than to wait for these points to get addressed in the course of the project execution. The challenges covered in the discussion are not the comprehensive list, but are some specific ones based out of some experience in this kind of engagement, which if addressed holistically can make the road for Data Migration less bumpy.

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