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Digital Transformation-Are you geared up?

Digital transformation is the smarter way to use technology to drastically improve performance or reach of global enterprises. It is a hot buzzword and talk of the companies operating across the globe. If we will look 5-6 years back, technology and digital innovation was a nice to have phenomena but today it is about lifestyle and becoming oxygen to your business success. "Digital transformation is not only about technology transformation but it is a phenomena where business strategy has been redefined and revamped with technological capabilities, exponential growth in revenue along with enhanced vision of 360 degree business growth aspect"

Mobility, social media, digital-analytics, cloud computing, big data, internet of things (IoT) and smart embedded devices are the top jargon's being used in industries and directly or indirectly part of digital transformation journey. In this digitally connected world customer interactions have radically changed, traditional user interface (UI) approach has been remarkably swapped with rich user experience (UX) with extensive usage of digital media artifacts ( e.g. audio, video, digital assets, smart apps,geo maps etc.) along with significant focus on usability aspect.

Mobility has also played vital role in the journey of digital transformation. Usage of smart devices is increasing day by day. As per a survey as of October 2014 64% of American adults own a smartphone, 32% of American adults own an e-reader and 42% of American adults own a tablet computer. In an interesting survey India will have 651 million smartphones, 18.7 million tablet devices by 2019. Same fascinating trends has also been observed by other countries. In another survey research firm eMarketer predicts the number of mobile phone users to surpass ~5 billion worldwide by 2017.

Looking at these latest eye catching market trends global enterprises from insurance, banking, retail, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, energy and other verticals can't simply ignore it instead they have to strongly step-up and get started on the digital transformation journey to provide digital capabilities to their customers to be in the game. End users would like to access almost all major business applications on smart devices with optimal user experience (UX). Big scale enterprises has already started their digital transformation journey while others didn't gear up for digital advancement. But as a matter of fact sooner or later everyone has to be part of this critical evolution to sustain their business growth. It has now become a matter of survival. Legacy or traditional websites and web applications along with customer or agent facing UI business process applications are also rapidly moving to responsive web design based cross platforms applications to support smart devices. Mobile apps for android, iOS and windows platforms are now major pillars for any IT transformation. A modernized, personalized, mobile-first interface has become a primary business requirement for customers.

Below are the key focus areas for digital transformation

Key Focus Area for DT.png

Responsive web design (RWD) and Rich internet application (RIAs) approach based single page applications (SPAs) are the latest buzzword and a de-facto standard for high fidelity web app development across global organizations. HTML5/CSS3 and JavaScript (ECMAScript language specification standard- ES6) has become a powerful UI/UX front-end technology stack for almost all UX implementation. Hybrid mobile applications are also taking higher precedence over native mobile applications. According to Gartner by 2016, more than 50 Percent of mobile apps deployed will be hybrid. Lower maintenance cost and quick time to market is the major factors for this native app to hybrid app shift paradigm, which can't be ignored.

Open source frameworks like Bootstrap, AngularJS, Foundation5, BackboneJS and NodeJS have gained maximum traction in last couple of years. Various javascript frameworks and responsive web design frameworks has remarkably evolved over the year and grabbed good position and attention for digital transformation as it provides operational excellence through digital customer experience.

Enterprises can follow below assessment road-map for their digital transformation strategy.

Assesment Roadmap for DT.png


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