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You should take a bite of Micro Services & API Management

Almost all enterprises today face similar set of problems when it comes to Enterprise Integration or associated synonyms of Middleware, Enterprise Application Integration or connecting applications using Service Oriented Architecture or Enterprise Service Bus. An enterprise could also have Message-oriented-Middleware (MOM) as part of this construct. Enterprises adopted these SOA based frameworks, tools and technologies to decouple applications but the premise was still Application-to-Application Integration.

Today as Enterprises in their Digital Journeys want to embark on doing quick releases, create new apps and deploy, these same A2A services have caused bottlenecks due to the inherent complexity and comparatively slower organic growth of these services and applications in these digital times. Even the traditional horizontal or vertical scaling is not enough in this ‘scale-to-internet’ needs.

The question is How do we transform an Enterprise Integration from A2A to a Data Oriented Integration?

The fundamental cause of these bottlenecks can be associated to the services being non-business friendly and the gap between the required information flow and the existing one. And since the information flow was A2A and not based on the business fundamental unit - “data”, it created the current set of problems as experience by any Enterprise leader in forging a faster IT.

Technology Architecture of any time has its own problems, and so do solutions come up as well. Micro-services and APIs are today’s and near future solutions to any enterprise needs to transform apps and services.

Few recommendations for creating a new architecture for digital enterprises:

Adopt Micro-services and transform the way services and components are created. This is extremely useful if you are at turning point in creating a vision 2020 or creating an architecture for future enterprise. You need to think ‘Internet-Scale’ and not the traditional horizontal/vertical scaling. A nice article Microservices - A new paradigm gives some examples and perspectives.

Build Micro-services along with other new initiatives such as Data-Lakes based on Big-Data. Keep your commits seperate from queries. Basically follow CQRS or Command-Query-Responsibility-Seperation

API Management is one of the first toolkits and suites that needs to be adopted. Infosys API Economy Offerings. Take a look at the API Reference Model.

Renew Services through intelligently wrapping the core systems. Infosys Wrap & Renew Offerings

Adopt XAAS as described in the post.

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