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Open Source Software(OSS) : Wave of the Future

Open source software (OSS) is a software whose source code and design is publicly available for any modification or further enhancement by anyone without any licensing cost. The term "Open Source" is widely used in current IT industry with great adoption rate to meet critical business requirements. Almost all Fortune 500 businesses are using open source software to create simple to complex enterprise business applications. According to research firm Gartner and Forrester open source is experiencing a greater market share of the global enterprise software market while proprietary software adoption is reducing significantly. OSS has routed itself very deep with remarkable traction now it can't be ignored anymore.

Industry waves for OSS

According to a recent market survey by Black Duck Software more than 78 percent of enterprises run on open source and fewer than 3 percent indicate they don't rely on open software in any way. IT companies are in the phase of big shift and transformation in OSS arena with a healthy mindset that "Open Source Software Gains in Strategic Value". As per a recent survey big companies like Walmart, GE, Merck, Goldman Sachs, Google and Facebook are also analyzing and moving towards open software. 

Open source is the engine of innovation and can be seen as today's enterprise architecture. As per a recent survey by fortune "Open Source Software (OSS) is eating the world." OSS is one of the top Enterprise IT Trends to watch in 2016. From Cloud computing, Responsive web design, infrastructure components, Mobility, Enterprise integration, Web and Application servers, NoSQL databases, DevOps, Big Data, Analytics to  Automation space everywhere OSS has made a significant place.

As per Navin Budhiraja- SVP, Head - Architecture and Technology at Infosys

"Infosys continues to build deep open source program-OSSmosis with an objective of nurturing innovation through open source adoption and contribution. The extensive use of open source in "Infosys information platform (IIP)" reflects Infosys commitment to open source community"


Open Sources Adoption, Market Trends and Statistics

  • As per Black Duck report currently, there are over 180,000+ active open source projects today which shows massive interest in OSS.
  • As per a survey 65% companies are contributing to open source projects. Almost all top software giants are moving towards OSS.
  • Open source versioning system git is the overwhelming choice for versioning with 73%.
  • Cloud, Big data, Content management, databases, operating systems, development tools and mobile technologies are the major tech areas where OSS is being successfully adopted.
  • 90% of respondents says open source improves efficiency, Interoperability and Innovation.
  • Google, Red Hat and others use open source software to manage computing workloads.
  • Linux is one of the largest OSS example as 94% of the world's top 500 super-computers runs on Linux.
  • Open source web server Apache has grabbed ~65% web server market share.
  • Gartner gives high marks to open source vendors in its new Magic Quadrant for Advanced Analytics.

Some Popular Open Source Example

  •  Linux/ Ubuntu/ Docker-Open Source Operating System/DevOps platform
  •  OpenOffice- Open Source office software suite
  • Scribus- Open Source desktop publishing (DTP) application
  • Thunderbird- Open Source Mozilla's cross-platform email, news, and chat client
  • PostGreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, CouchBase- Open Sources databases
  • Eclipse, Android, Apache, NetBeans,Maven, Gradle, NodeJS- Open Source IDE/Dev/Build tools 
  • Mozilla, Jboss, AngularJS, Bootstrap- Open Source Dev Tools
  • GIT/ GitHub- Leading open source code repository and versioning system
  • Drupal - Open Source content management framework
  • Magento- Open Source e-commerce Suite
  • Joomla, Jetty, OpenSSO, SOLR, Chef, Spring, WordPress- Some other popular open soucre tools 

Challenges in OSS Adoption

  • Lack of vendor/dedicated support
  • Legal issues/Open-Source licenses issues ( MIT/GPL/LGPL/Apache/FreeBSD etc.)
  • Software Security and Vulnerability issues
  • Integration Challenges, No defined approach 
  • Skills availability issues
  • Software Quality issues
  • Lack of Accountability



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Nice article Jitendra. I would've included Moodle (obviously) as it is an underrated OS LMS that works so well to support organisational learning

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