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Understanding Organisation Process Maturity - Does it matter when selecting BPMS.

In the last writing I mentioned about BPM usage and deployment patterns and its importance of understanding when selecting BPMS. Another area I feel at times get neglected is the understanding on the maturity level of organisation's process as it will decide on the suitability of a particular usage and deployment pattern for BPMS.

The effort spent in capturing process requirement , modelling in into the tool, time to build and cost to support a particular BPM solution type is usually related with the understanding of the organization's key processes. The capability of the BPMS team to translate this understanding into a robust solution is hence very important when selecting BPMS.  I feel it is important to have process champion for each LOB who works very closely with BPMS selection team when selecting the BPMS.

Having deep understanding of the processes will make it easier to see the opportunities for improvement before developing the improved process. The trend otherwise, as I have seen at some BPM programs is to model the process with high degree of detail without having realistic information on what is actually happening in as-is processes, how much these processes cost, process areas of improvement, KPI and where there are real bottlenecks for the need of BPM automation. 

Gathering KPI's and effectiveness of a process is often a good first step taken before selecting BPMS where the organisation's maturity is low and the case for large scale transformational BPMS implementation cannot be easily justified on numbers.

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