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How and where Salesforce trumps Competition - II

As promised, I am back with a more detailed point of view on things to consider while choosing your CRM on Cloud Solution. If you missed the first part, please do read here before delving into the below.

Matured Partner Eco System

The openness about the platform enables any developer or third party vendor to create an App for themselves which could serve as the perfect foil to Salesforce by enabling Clients to tap into them to service their specific requirements. With over 4 million installations on the App Exchange platform, this is one area where Salesforce Customers would always know that there is a solution to any burning problems or domain specific requirements that they have. Compared to this, the partner eco system offered by other Cloud products are quite robust and needs a lot of improvement to tap into utilizing the expertise offered by external vendors and developer communities. They could start with by first enabling greater access to developers on their Cloud application and secondly by opening up the application more for others to tap into and build their own custom apps that can be used to service specific Customer requirements.



Salesforce1 mobile app is the answer to the mobile capabilities on Salesforce and this app is quite matured and is openly available to any Customers who has Salesforce license. There are also specific apps available for Admins (SalesforceA) or for specific modules like the Field Service Lightning mobile app. While other CRM on Cloud apps are available in the market, it would take some time to come up with something similar to Salesforce1 which is a one stop solution to all of my mobility requirements.



Vibrant User Community

Salesforce Partner Community is one of the most vibrant places where you can see collaboration at multiple levels, be it among the Salesforce group, with the partners, or with the Customers. You can catch up on all the events that are lined up in the quarter, find discussion points and solutions to a lot of issues that Users run into and engage with others to get a pulse of the happenings in CRM Cloud market. While other Product companies have their own community forums, here again the drawback is the multiplicity where each Cloud has its own specific and focused User groups leading to lack of cohesiveness as a combined CRM Cloud community. One reason can be attributed to the fact that the acquired Products like RightNow (Oracle Service Cloud) already has a community running and it would have been difficult to move them into another platform specific to Oracle, and so they continue at


Open Platform and easier learnability

The thing I liked the best and so reserved for the last is the fact that I can simply login to Salesforce and sign up for a Salesforce developer instance which is instantly made available to me to play around and understand the application. How cool is that! And if I compare that to the pains that we had to go through to get a demo Oracle Cloud instance and keep it running, the difference is palpable. I still hear a friend cribbing about how he had applied for access to Oracle Sales Cloud and after a year he keeps getting the email informing him that it will happen soon.

Salesforce trailhead is an innovative platform where you can log in and do self-learning in ways that is fun and quirky. Here you would run into trails on anything and everything you would want to know about Salesforce and if that doesn't satisfy you, there is always Salesforce Help to satisfy your appetite for learning Salesforce.

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