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Infosys Digital Breaks Out At Adobe Summit


Hello Infosys, fresh from my return from the 2017 Adobe Summit, which took place last week in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This year's Summit was a true breakout for Infosys because as a Platinum Sponsor we launched Infosys Digital to the 12,000+ digital marketing professional attendees. Other sponsors and speakers included our usual cast of competitors and partners like Accenture, RazorFish/Sapient, Deloitte, IBM, Microsoft, MRM, Merkle, Cognizant, TCS and others. 

But I repeat, this was a breakout Summit for us at Infosys.  Our new signage and messaging announcing Infosys Digital was the first thing that caused an immediate buzz.  Our discussions and presentations about evolving from a traditional SI that focuses on Systems Of Record to a Digital Partner that also provides Systems Of Engagement was hailed as truly unique and relevant to clients, analysts and partners.  And further, our tight approach to our Adobe Partnership, our Adobe Solutions, and our proven Adobe implementation expertise in Digital and Marketing Transformation were seen as truly best of breed among even our toughest competitors in the space.

One new Infosys Solution that garnered a lot of attention, and subsequent leads, is our new Infosys User Generated Services (UGS) offering.  In short, UGS paves the way for real-time, predictive product and service customization and selling through a superior customer experience across a much more mature and reactive customer data journey.  A common reaction from prospective clients was simply, "we need some of THAT!"  We'll of course be providing more detailed UGS materials in the coming weeks.

For our Infosys Speaker Session I was joined by one of our GSK clients to speak about our End-to-End capabilities with Adobe across what Infosys calls the continuum of Data- Logic- Experience.  The audience reaction was overwhelming, in fact many said that our continuum expressed the Adobe Value Proposition and our Infosys thought leadership and differentiation better than any other sponsor, including even Adobe themselves. 

In the coming weeks look for more exciting announcements and opportunities for our clients, including announcements on our Adobe practice, on a new and exclusive Infosys integration solution that links MicroSoft Dynamics to Adobe Campaign, and of course on Infosys Digital Factory and UGS.


Henry Johnston is the VP, Group Practice Lead for Infosys Digital (DX) Sales and Go To Market.  He is based in the One World Trade Center office in New York City and can be reached at

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