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Salesforce: Changing Paradigm in Sales

Salesforce: Changing Paradigm in Sales


Sales has always been an engaging people to people contact process. We all being consumers and providers in our own right have been at one of the ends. Never thought that the physical engagement of speaking to an individual can and will go away one day. The world of technology has come a long way from room size machines to palm and wrist size computing marvels.


In the world of technology, we are seeing a paradigm shift from people based engagements to technology intrinsic processes, from hard sales talk to informed sales cycle. In this context, we see that in the world of tomorrow, consumers will purchase purely on being informed and connected. Convenience, speed and agility, information at fingertips, visibility and power to take own decisions will be crucial. There may be a gradual shift from people to people interaction in the sales cycle to being replaced with technology - gadgets, information....decisions.


The above is being implemented in various domains where Salesforce acts as the face of the product and service provider. Salesforce has an early cloud mover advantage which has shaken the COTS based application services. This is largely due to its highly customizable and interactive user interface, agility and speed to market as well as a robust availability of APIs which allows for seamless integration across the overall landscape.


A multitude of industries are moving to Salesforce as their 'FRONTEND' where their offerings are available on handheld devices, catalogs -products, pricing available at the point of sales, self-service options, increased user awareness and knowledge base leading to decisions being taken on the fly. Enhanced and intuitive UI through lightning ensures easy adoption enabling a user to take decisions on his /her own without any other intervention (read human). Taking a cue, reducing cost, ensuring these 'Apps' are available free for everyone to use on their devices, no physical stores or walk-ins, we may not need a sales person ----each customer will act as a Sales representative with information being knowledge, ensuring higher business volumes, reducing sales cycle, faster delivery due to real /near real time data dissemination and enhanced satisfaction with a phenomenal reduction of cost.


A key aspect of Salesforce leading the way and acting a true force multiplier for organizations in their sales cycle is a rich and vibrant AppExchange wherein the best in class solutions are available for easy adoption based on business needs. Each organization comes with its own unique requirements but one thing traverses across in today's times---Customer centricity. This is the basic tenant of Salesforce which has ensured a high level of customer acceptability of the product and its features. With easy rendering of the solution on Omni channel and handheld devices any organization's frontend is closer to the customer. Going forward, customers are taking control of their own requirements through intuitive UI and being facilitated through guided selling from being contacted to placing orders and payments....all through minimal clicks.


It is not long before organizations realize and exploit the true potential of Salesforce to harness their reach, availability of offerings and seamless integration capabilities to cut down on sales cycle, improve time to market, reduce Capex as well as optimize Opex and ensure an enhanced Customer Experience.



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