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Switch to salesforce or remain on-premise?

Some organizations have used on-premises customer relationship management (CRM) applications for over a decade. However, in an increasingly competitive and digital ecosystem, they need more robust solutions that offer agility and improve market presence.

Companies that work on decades-old application systems, end up investing a lot of money and resources to sustain the white elephant.  They face some typical challenges that include:

1.      Lack of visibility in product life cycle from product vendor

2.      Absence of consumer-friendly user interface

3.      Huge investments in infrastructure to support on-premises CRM

4.      Poor uptime of solution

5.      Lack of documentation about changes made to  the solution

6.      Gap in critical knowledge, caused by high people attrition, which causes issues in managing solutions


I think migrating to cloud applications like Salesforce CRM offers strategic advantages to customers because of the following:


1.     Fast response to change: Cloud-based solutions operate at lightning speeds. This helps customers to make quick changes to their business process and configure CRM with less downtime

2.      Effective social media presence: By leveraging social media cloud using Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables better management of marketing and social strategies

3.      Lower investment costs (infrastructure investment)

4.      Better versioning of the solution

5.      Improved data quality and lifecycle management

6.      Easy integration with various applications, by using various tools including Informatica Cloud

7.      Readymade connectors to support processes and solution mapping

8.      Effective integration tools that make it easier for an organization to use multiple cloud tools. For example, it has become easier now, if you want to use cloud security tool to run virus scan on all files before uploading in  Salesforce. In some cases, it will take two days to complete implementation and integration of cloud security tool with salesforce , if all licenses are in place.

9.      Quick access to several AppExchange Salesforce apps, where companies can find apps for their specific requirements 


Working in Salesforce environment should always be seen from the prism of business where organizations want new changes to be incorporated fast and execute new requirements in lesser time, so that revenues can flow in quickly.


Organizations can leverage Salesforce to quickly connect with consumers and understand sentiments -- what value and benefits they are looking for -- and take product / marketing decisions to reach out to end consumers faster.


Management cannot take decisions in silos anymore. Salesforce CRM strategies can be used across markets for better results. Below are few examples to show that be it any kind of business, there is always an opportunity to leverage Salesforce CRM to connect with your customer and deliver what they expect.   


  1. If you are a toy manufacturer, it becomes evident that you do various roadshows and campaigns, collect feedback, make product development iterative, and reduce turnaround time (TAT) to bring new toys to market and create better traction.
  2. If you are a bike manufacturer, you can reach out to target audience like bike riding groups and understand what they are looking for, and how to meet those values by leveraging marketing cloud.
  3. Service-oriented organizations can leverage service cloud to collect feedback and complaints from multiple sources and respond in a time-bound manner.

And of course, Salesforce components help to deliver quality in optimum time.


Time has come. Be the change ...


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