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Improving the Win ratio through Salesforce AI - Einstein

Improving the Win ratio through Salesforce AI: Einstein


World leader in CRM space, Salesforce has continuously evolved. From an early mover in digital cloud space it is now focusing on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ensure a more meaningful data convergence.

Einstein is being designed with a focus on ensuring that the users are provided a focused set of data - Leads, Opportunities and Insights into decision making and Improve ROI. Einstein is designed to go through and learn from the data that is available including online feeds and provide focused data sets for improved decision making. Salesforce users will now have more bandwidth to focus on what they do best rather than trying to decipher through multitude of data and manual slicing and dicing to arrive at actionable data sets.


Some of the key aspects of this robust AI incorporated into Salesforce are:


1.       Lead Scoring

2.       Opportunity Insights

3.       Account Insights

4.       Activity Capture

5.       Follow ups.


Key features are pictorially depicted below:


Infosys being a Platinum partner of Salesforce is uniquely positioned to be onboard this latest offering and help its clients in improving their sales cycle time thereby enhanced ROI on the CRM front.

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