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Salesforce service cloud, social media and IoT - Winning formula

B2C organization and industry  find it challenging to maintain ever increasing expectation from customer to meet SLAs and first call resolution. Client requests are also growing complex due to  dependency on other teams.

If we take the example of an automobile manufacturer,  leveraging service cloud is a huge area . It's not any more limited to opening job card , checking warranty of vehicle, spare part management but also to  deliver customer experience.

Typical customer service will be able to capture customer issues when he comes to service station with his vehicle for servicing. Within certain time  a service person attends him, inspects the vehicle, understands the issue and suggests an estimate for the repair.

During the resolution time, customer has to be intimated if his vehicle needs some more work and hence the cost has changed or if there is some campaigns being run - so email, message or  website can be leveraged for the same.

The automobile manufacturer will also have his dealerships for sales, service and spare parts which needs customer service and there will be separate module and process for the same.

In this case typically dealerships may have challenges pertaining to pricing, spare part availability and requisition, royalty management, sale of vehicle, taxation issues, AMC etc .Clients can also use knowledge base to improve TAT and improve efficiency.

However, now using IoT cloud, automobile manufacturers should be able to help end customers on how to service vehicle as vehicle condition can be captured in more proactive manner.

Globally we have seen people communicating with each other for customer service but now we will see lot of machine to machine communication. From maintenance reporting and diagnostic view point, the sensors in vehicles will periodically send key information and based on a pattern there will be alert sent to customer service team which will intimate end consumers automatically with regards to servicing of vehicles.

This proactive measure will help end consumer reduce maintenance cost by timely servicing and also improve his vehicles availability on road leading to better revenues.

Also imagine the cost and effort saved where typically people wait for a component to breakdown and here this will be managed more proactively. For the organization the benefit also stems from the fact that they can see a pattern developing and can take action on it. For example in certain class of vehicles undergoing numerous breakdown, the management can get into details to understand the trend. They may also launch some campaigns based on feedback about vehicle performance which in turn  contributes to additional  revenues.

Organizations can also   create a closed community of vehicle users which will help them to share ideas and inputs and leverage this to increase traction with the brand. All this is possible by using social platform. Nowadays, consumer awareness about using vehicles and maintaining them is increasing.  Having a community will make consumers stay connected with each other and the brand.

Automobile manufacturers can also encourage its employees and dealers to work on a social community platform using Salesforce chatter for better collaboration and answer to issues and ideas.

Salesforce helps customer to give a better view about customer .It helps collaborating in such a manner that what might have taken  week to resolve can be done in few minutes using community platform. Also leveraging social media, its  easier to bring the brand closer to consumer and dealers by allowing them to provide feedback, raise complaint or share compliment .

It gives a sense of feeling to end consumer and dealership that the brand CARES. 

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